Fish from Toyosu market selling well a month after debut


Fish from the Toyosu wholesale food market are selling well nearly a month after its opening on Oct. 11.

Seeking to draw shoppers, one fish retailer in Tokyo decorated their store with banners celebrating the opening of the market and spotlighting the arrival of seafood from the new facility.

“Fish from Toyosu!” a shop worker cried.

No traces of concern appear to linger over damage to the market’s reputation from land contamination at the site in Koto Ward, which previously hosted a gas plant.

To deal with the problem, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government delayed the relocation from the decades-old Tsukiji market to Toyosu by some two years, and in July this year declared the new market safe.

The average amount of marine products, including processed items, arriving at the market per day came to 1,200 tons between Oct. 11 and Oct. 31, only slightly lower than the amount handled at the Tsukiji market during the same period a year earlier.

A senior official of an intermediary wholesalers’ group looked happy. Consumers and industry people have been made aware “how new and clean the market is,” and local fishermen are shipping fish to Toyosu “without worry,” the official said.

An intermediary wholesaler expects more fish will be sent to the Toyosu market than previously to Tsukiji.

An official of a major supermarket said that October sales of marine products, especially those from Toyosu, were substantially higher than the year-before level, due in part to a recovery in saury catches.

People working at the Toyosu market hope to see heavy demand at the end of the year, the busiest season.