Seibu Railway Co. on Monday announced the name of a new limited express train — Laview — that is scheduled to start running from next spring.

The eight-car train will replace the current New Red Arrow, which has operated since 1993, and will run between Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo and Seibu Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture, Seibu Railway said. Fares of ¥300 to ¥700 for adults will remain the same.

A "3D" window, curving around the front of the first carriage, presents a soft appearance, and the yellow seats are shaped like sofas.

Designed by architect Kazuyo Sejima, the new train is meant to "naturally blend into the city and natural landscapes," according to the company.

The name of the train comes from an "L" for luxurious living room, an "a" for its arrow-like speed, and a "view" thanks to its large windows, the company said.

"It feels like a luxurious living room, and I hope that passengers will enjoy the changing views from the large windows," Hisashi Wakabayashi, the operator's director, said at a news conference.

All seats will be equipped with chargers and passengers will be able to see news broadcasts on video screens. The train also features arm-rest tables in addition to tables on the backs of seats, so they can be used when seats are turned around.

Free Wi-Fi will be available in all carriages.