Almost 70% of young Japanese feel stress from gaze of others


Nearly 70 percent of young people in Japan feel stressed when they are under the gaze of other people, a survey by Mandom Corp. has shown.

The Osaka-based cosmetics maker said the result may reflect the spread of communication via social media instead of face-to-face contact.

The poll, conducted online in August, covered 1,091 people age 15-59.

According to the survey, 56.5 percent of all respondents said they often or sometimes feel stressed from having people look at them. The proportion of respondents in their teens and 20s who gave that answer came to 67.6 percent.

Moreover, 61.8 percent of respondents in their teens and 20s said they have felt scared by the gaze of other people, some 25 percentage points higher than the proportion of those from age 30 to 59 who provided the same answer.

The proportion of female respondents in their teens who said they have frequently felt frightened by other people looking at them stood at 38.5 percent.

As a means of deepening their friendship with others, 31.5 percent of respondents in their teens and 20s cited Line and other messaging apps, much higher than the percentage of those in their 40s and 50s, at 10.1 percent.