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Take that, sucker! Seal slaps New Zealand kayaker with octopus


Remarkable footage of the moment a New Zealand fur seal slaps a stunned kayaker in the face with an octopus has gone viral.

Kyle Mulinder was paddling off the South Island town of Kaikoura over the weekend when he inadvertently became entangled in a battle between a bull seal and the octopus it wanted for lunch.

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新しい @gopro #Hero7Black で衝撃映像撮れた🤣🤣 4K60fpsの安定化オンで撮ったからここまで驚いて全部撮れてた!こんな楽しいカヤックはじめて!!音声も海とかのガチャガチャ音ないし最高! @barekiwi getting octopus smashed into his face by a seal⁉️ I’ve never had such an amazing kayak everrrrr!! I am super stoked that the new @goproanz #Hero7Black captured without missing a thing although we shook so much, #hypersmooth the stabilisation managed it so well!! I made a little montage to show how good the audio came out!! No noises super clean!! Thanks to @kaikourakayaks @purenewzealand @kaikouranz @goprojp @howtodadnz @snapair for such an epic trip!! #gopro #ゴープロ #ゴープロのある生活

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As the seal tried to finish off the unfortunate cephalopod, shaking its jaws vigorously, Mulinder copped an eight-legged slap in the kisser.

Mulinder’s companion, Taiyo Masuda, was testing out a new GoPro camera at the time and captured the entire incident.

“One seal swims right next to us, having an octopus in his mouth, pops right up on the surface next to us, then tries to chew up the leg but ended up slapping our face!!” Masuda said.

“Kyle was in the right place at the right time.”

The video shows Mulinder yelling, “There’s an octopus on my boat!” and Masuda responding, “No way, that was mental!”

“It was super funny rather than terrifying, we cracked up straight away,” he said.

“I’d say we’re active outdoor types but I’ve never seen anything like that in the wild before.

“I can see the GIF doing the rounds for a long time.”

Kaikoura is the site of a large colony of New Zealand fur seals.