Colombian cops close Pablo Escobar museum, part of popular ‘narco tours’


Colombian police have shut down a small makeshift museum that showcased the life and times of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, saying the building’s managers do not have a tourism license.

Police announced Thursday that they raided the venue a day earlier while seven tourists were visiting. Authorities slapped white signs on the glass doors saying it has been closed.

The site was managed by Escobar’s 71-year-old brother, Roberto, and was a popular stop on what are known as “narco tours” in the city of Medellin. The tours take visitors to several spots related to the late drug boss’ life, including his tomb and a home that was bombed by his enemies.

Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez says such tours are legal, but he dislikes them because they promote “mafia culture.”