Japan to issue coins commemorating Emperor Akihito's 30-year reign


Japan will issue commemorative coins in both copper and gold next year to celebrate Emperor Akihito’s 30th year on the throne, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday.

The coins, which will be legal tender worth ¥10,000 and ¥500, will be available from around February in the run-up to the 84-year-old Emperor’s abdication scheduled for the end of April.

Intended as a collector’s item, the ¥10,000 coin measuring 28 millimeters in diameter will be made of 20 grams of solid gold and priced at ¥138,000, reflecting the substantial manufacturing costs.

The ministry will issue 50,000 of the gold coins, which will depict a phoenix on one side and the Imperial seal of the Chrysanthemum Throne on the other. Reservations can be made from Nov. 1.

For the ¥500 copper coin, measuring 26.5 mm in diameter, 5 million will be issued. They will feature a rare two-tone construction and depict the carriage the Emperor used for his wedding to Empress Michiko in 1959.

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