Emperor Akihito's health is improving, the Imperial Household Agency said Wednesday, after he had to cancel official duties earlier this week due to dizziness and nausea.

Despite signs of recovery, the 84-year-old Emperor had to rest at the Imperial Palace, the agency said. Crown Prince Naruhito on Wednesday attended a luncheon with the Norwegian and Kenyan ambassadors on the Emperor's behalf.

Monday, the Emperor complained of dizziness and nausea, with the agency saying the symptoms were due to "cerebral anemia," or insufficient blood circulation in the brain.

Because of those symptoms, he skipped a meeting later in the day with Princess Ayako, the youngest daughter of the Emperor's late cousin Prince Takamado, to be informed of her upcoming engagement to a businessman.

Empress Michiko met with the princess and her mother Princess Hisako alone, conveying the Emperor's congratulatory message.

Tuesday, the Emperor postponed resuming official duties due to a stomachache, in addition to suffering from dizziness.

The Emperor is set to abdicate April 30, 2019, based on his desire to step down due to concern about his age and failing health.