Tokyu Corp. announced Thursday that a new complex comprising a hotel, office and commercial space near Shibuya Station is scheduled to open in September, with the top half occupied by Google.

The new landmark, called Shibuya Stream, is set to open on Sept. 13 and is part of a massive redevelopment project in the bustling district being led mainly by the private railway.

As the name indicates, Shibuya Stream is right by the Shibuya River, a narrow stream running alongside Meiji-dori, one of the major thoroughfares in central Tokyo.

The redevelopment project includes a promenade beside the river to facilitate the movement of people to the greater Shibuya area, including Daikanyama, an upscale shopping district.

The 35-story Shibuya Stream building is being built on top of the former Tokyu Toyoko Line part of Shibuya Station and will house a hotel, event hall, 30 shops and office space.

Google’s Japan branch will occupy floors 14 to 35, Tokyu said.

The Shibuya redevelopment project is expected to continue into the late 2020s, with several other large complexes expected to open.