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Man arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit Tokyo Olympic coins


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a man on suspicion of selling counterfeit 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic commemorative coins.

Yasuhiro Kotani, 43, was arrested for allegedly violating the trademark law by possessing the imitations in order to sell them.

He admitted to the allegations, saying that he did it to earn a living, department officials said.

This is the first trademark law violation case related to the emblems of the 2020 Games, they said.

According to the arrest warrant, Kotani held at his home a total 26 imitation commemorative silver coins in 13 sets for sale. An authentic version carries a face value of ¥1,000 and is priced at ¥9,500.

On the authentic coins, the emblems and flags of the Tokyo Games are colored while those of the imitations were colorless. The fake coins also lack the inscribed price.

Kotani, a coin collector, bought 40 sets of fake coins for ¥450 each from a Chinese online shopping site. He resold them through internet auctions at an average price of ¥4,300, according to the officials.