• Kyodo


A 14-year-old Tokyo girl has been arrested on suspicion of stealing ¥10 million in cash from a friend’s house, according to police.

The girl, in her third year of junior high school, was arrested Sunday for allegedly stealing the money from the living room of a former elementary school classmate. She made frequent visits to the home between early January and Feb. 27.

According to the police, she admitted to the allegation and said the money was shared with some 10 classmates at her junior high school. Up to ¥1 million was distributed to each one, the police said.

The girl told the police she wanted to fit in with the group and suffered stress, an investigative source said.

The police have recovered around ¥7.9 million of the cash and are searching for the rest.

In mid-February, her mother found a bag containing cash in the suspect’s closet. The girl told her that an unknown man had asked her to keep the money for him.