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Police found two more bodies Sunday after a man was arrested Saturday following the murders of three people in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The suspect, 38-year-old Tomohiro Iwakura, has said he killed all five people, according to police. The two bodies are believed to be those of his 68-year-old father and 89-year-old grandmother, who were living together in a house where the three people were found dead Friday.

The two bodies were discovered buried in an empty lot in a forest in the city of Hioki, based on information provided by Iwakura, police said, adding that the corpses were those of a male and female. They will continue working to identify them.

“I killed all five people at the house,” police quoted Iwakura as telling them.

He also said he took the two bodies to the forest in a car. The house is located around 400 meters from where the bodies were discovered.

The police sent the suspect to prosecutors on Sunday.

Iwakura, who lived near the house, was arrested Saturday for allegedly strangling Hiroyuki Goto, 47, a neighbor, in the house on Friday afternoon.

The Police believe the three people, including Goto, were killed when visiting the house after being asked by Iwakura’s uncle to go and check on the residents. The uncle received a call Friday from the office of the suspect’s father that he had not shown up for work for several days.

Goto was living near the house, while the remaining two victims were the uncle’s wife and her older sister.

In an autopsy carried out Sunday, police found that the uncle’s wife and her sister — Takako Iwakura, 69, and Kuniko Sakaguchi, 72 — had been strangled.