Japanese government draws up instructions to help schools prepare against possible missile strikes

JIJI, Kyodo

The education ministry has compiled guidelines to help schools review their crisis management manuals in order to better prepare against a possible North Korean missile attack.

The guidelines were drawn up after Pyongyang fired two ballistic missiles that flew over the country last year.

The guidelines highlight key evacuation scenarios such as a missile threat being present while students are at school or in the middle of their commute.

The guidelines also include an action flowchart for when the J-Alert system issues an early missile warning, and includes instructions such as telling students and teachers to remain inside until they have a clear idea where the missile landed.

The ministry calls on schools to check whether designated evacuation areas are appropriate for drills and to cooperate with local education committees to set standards for canceling classes.

The ministry also asked schools to sufficiently explain the purpose of evacuation drills to students in order to dampen excessive worrying about a possible missile attack.

Currently, school crisis management manuals are designed to protect students from suspicious individuals or natural disasters.