Japan to issue silver coin to mark 50th anniversary of Ogasawara Islands return


Japan will issue a ¥1,000 silver coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the return of the Ogasawara Islands to Japan from U.S. occupation, according to the Finance Ministry.

The ministry will make 50,000 units of the coin available, it said Tuesday. The coins will sell for ¥9,000 each.

The coin, the first to be issued in relation to the Ogasawara Islands, will be 40 millimeters in diameter and weigh 31.1 grams. Both sides will be decorated with illustrations linked to the Pacific islands, which are located about 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

The obverse side will depict in color a beach called Minamijima Ogiike as well as a bird and flower indigenous to the islands — the Hahajima meguro and the Muninhimetsubaki, respectively. Marine life inhabiting the waters around the islands will decorate the reverse, including a humpback whale and a green turtle.

Applications to purchase the coin will be accepted for about three weeks from March 16. Deliveries will start in around June, the month the return took place in 1968.