15 percent cut in traffic eyed during 2020 Tokyo Olympics


The organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and the Tokyo metropolitan government have agreed that they will aim to reduce the volume of road traffic in the greater Tokyo area by 15 percent during the quadrennial events.

The target figure was confirmed Wednesday in a meeting to discuss ways to smoothly transport spectators, volunteers and others during the 2020 Games and stabilize urban activity.

If no countermeasures are taken, it is projected that roads in the metropolitan area will be clogged, with the Metropolitan Expressway’s congestion expected to increase about 80 percent.

The organizing committee and the metropolitan government will aim to cut traffic volume on roads on weekdays during the 2020 Games by 15 percent, bringing it to a level close to the average for holidays.

To attain this target, they plan to call on companies and other entities to cooperate, such as by promoting telecommuting and flexibly changing work hours.

The number of public transportation users during the Tokyo Games is estimated to increase some 9 percent due to visitors to the event venues and inflows from other land traffic.

In future meetings, the committee and Tokyo government will consider measures such as running extra trains on congested lines and regulating the times at which spectators can enter and leave the venues.