A quiz on words that high school girls in Japan use in conversation or when texting attracted plenty of attention online earlier this week, with the hashtag #JK用語クイズ (JK yōgo quizu, or JK words quiz) topping Twitter’s trending list for much of Tuesday. “JK” is short for joshi kosei, the Japanese term for high school girls.

The quiz, which was compiled by Yoza Hikaru at Japan Buzzfeed, attempts to determine if you’re able to hang out with high school girls or not. In the quiz, respondents are asked to choose identify the meaning of a word from three options that are provided.

For example, one question asks respondents whether “テンアゲ” (“tenage“) is short for “天ぷら” (“tempura“), “テンションあげる” (“tension ageru,” or “getting excited”) or “10回つぶやく” (“jyukkai tsubuyaku,” or “tweeting 10 times”). The answer? Tension ageru.

Another question asks respondents whether “スタ爆” (“sutabaku“) means “スタート失敗” (“sutato shippai,” or “failing to start”), “スタートダッシュ” (“stato dashu,” or “dashing start”) or “スタンプ爆撃” (“sutanpu bakugeki,” or “sending lots of stickers on LINE”). The answer? Sutanpu bakugeki.

One of the toughest questions involved “フロリダ” (“florida“). Is this southern U.S. state short for “お風呂に入るから離脱する” (“ofuro ni hairu kara ridatsu suru,” or “leaving a LINE group conversation to take a shower”), “ブロックして離脱する” (“burokku shite ridatsu suru,” or “blocking a person or group on LINE”) or “お風呂でダンス動画をとる” (“ofuro de dansu dōga wo toru,” or “taking a dancing video in the bathroom”)? And the answer? Ofuro ni hairu kara ridatsu suru.

The responses on Twitter came thick and fast. Some thought the quiz was too easy. “Got 10 out of 10, even though I’m not a JK,” @Xvoice_of_redX posted, while @Rethinking_Man found it amusing that the quiz suggested that he was actually as young as a high school girl.

Many, however, were completely baffled by the quiz. “I just took the JK words quiz and didn’t understand most of them,” posted @_aoto_himazin. “I can’t keep up with JK these days.”

If you’re interested in finding out where you stand, visit bit.ly/JK-quiz to take the quiz.


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