Struggling opposition party Kibo no To (Party of Hope) on Friday elected a new co-head to serve alongside its founder, Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike, choosing a candidate who upholds her conservative stance on revising the pacifist Constitution and beefing up the nation's national security.

The victory of young hopeful Yuichiro Tamaki, 48, set the tone for the nascent, second-largest opposition, which has become increasingly rudderless following its dismal election showing last month and Koike's subsequent withdrawal from party management.

With Koike declaring her intention to dedicate herself to her duty as governor, Tamaki, a former Democratic Party lawmaker, will represent Kibo no To in the Diet. The latest NHK survey shows the party is grappling with tepid popularity of 4.8 percent. Although Kibo no To fielded 235 candidates, it ended up with an underwhelming 50 seats in the Lower House election held on Oct. 22.