Donors to Sanrio crowdfunding get right to ‘date’ Hello Kitty


Sanrio Entertainment has said it will offer the right to “date” its popular character Hello Kitty to people who donate ¥100,000 each through crowdfunding for a summer festival to be held at the firm’s Sanrio Puroland theme park in Tama, Tokyo.

Contributors to the online campaign will receive benefits depending on the amount of their donations. The right to date the beloved character for 20 minutes will be granted to up to five people.

Sanrio launched the crowdfunding campaign on Thursday and will accept donations until June 24.

The money collected will be used for decorations for the venue of the Puroland festival, which will be held from July 15 to Sept. 3.

The fundraiser aims to foster a sense of unity between the company and fans in order to make the festival successful, Sanrio officials said.

Other benefits include a set of a mask and a sensu (fan) offered to up to 30 people who contribute ¥5,000, and the right to stay overnight at Puroland granted to only one group of up to five people who collectively give ¥2 million.

Any company or other entity that makes a contribution of ¥1 million will be able to invite Hello Kitty to a local festival.