Actress Yumeji Tsukioka dies at 95


Actress Yumeji Tsukioka, who starred in numerous popular films during the 1950s, died of pneumonia at a hospital in Tokyo last Wednesday, her office said. She was 95.

Tsukioka, whose real name was Akiko Inoue, became a top actress in the Takarazuka all-female musical troupe and appeared in the movie “Shinsetsu” (“New Snow”) in 1942.

She appeared in many works by major studio Nikkatsu such as “Till We Meet Again” and “Bitoku no Yoromeki” (“A Misstepping of Virtue”) in the 1950s, after working with other famous film companies, including Shochiku.

Tsukioka appeared in many TV programs and stage productions.

A native of Hiroshima, Tsukioka also appeared in films themed on the U.S. atomic bombings, including “The Bells of Nagasaki” and “Hiroshima.”

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