Shikoku suspect’s image captured off victim’s eye by smartphone becomes evidence


Police investigators in Shikoku have cleverly acquired a crime suspect’s image from a reflection in the victim’s eye that was captured by smartphone, sources say.

The Tokushima Prefectural Police sent the image as evidence to the Tokushima District Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is handling the unspecified crime case.

“I’ve worked as a criminal investigator for a long time, but I’ve never seen any such evidence before,” a Tokushima police source said.

Last year, an investigator examining photos on a smartphone confiscated from a crime suspect noticed that a person’s face was reflected in the pupil of an alleged victim who was photographed with the device.

The investigator asked the crime laboratory to analyze the photos.

After enlarging and processing the pupil image using analytical software, a clear image of the suspect holding the smartphone was obtained. Although the suspect’s face was blocked by the smartphone itself, its shape was clearly visible, as was the suspect’s clothing and hairstyle.