A 52-year-old Nigerian man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the slaying of a Filipino woman who was found dead in their house in Saitama Prefecture last week along with the bodies of her two infants, police said.

The Nigerian man, whose name was not released, admitted to stabbing Billoso Alma Tojembara, 40, with whom he had lived, investigative sources alleged.

Her 1-year-old son, Ishige, and 5-month-old daughter, Akiko, were also found dead on the night of Dec. 19 by police officers who were responding to an emergency call from their house in the city of Soka.

The Nigerian was at the scene with injuries to his stomach. He was hospitalized after the incident.

All four had knife wounds, with the woman suffering 10 cuts to her upper body. A bloody knife was found in the house, according to the police.

An autopsy found that Tojembara died from blood loss and the two infants died from damage to their internal organs.