Fujitsu Ltd. is considering integrating its personal computer business with China's Lenovo Group Inc., the world's biggest PC manufacturer, a source said Wednesday.

Lenovo is likely to invest in the PC business Fujitsu spun off earlier this year. If the investment is realized, Lenovo will probably take a majority stake, the source added.

Fujitsu released a statement Thursday saying it is studying possibilities to boost its PC business but that no decision has been made.

As the domestic market is shrinking, Fujitsu, maker of the FMV PC series, would aim to bolster its competitiveness by joining hands with Lenovo.

Lenovo has a joint venture with NEC Corp., NEC Lenovo Japan Group, which has the No. 1 position in the Japanese PC market with a nearly 30 percent share. It is followed by Fujitsu with a share of more than 15 percent.

Fujitsu aims to include the Lenovo integration plan in its new business strategy to be released late this month, the source said, adding that it may take longer to strike a deal as there are still issues that remain unresolved.

Fujitsu earlier negotiated a trilateral merger with Toshiba Corp.'s PC business and Vaio Corp., a spinoff from Sony Corp, but talks broke down. It then negotiated with overseas makers and chose Lenovo.