Kaname Harada, a former Japanese fighter pilot and anti-war activist, died Tuesday in Nagano due to multiple organ failure, his family said. He was 99.

Harada participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II, having flown the Imperial Japanese Navy's legendary Zero fighter plane.

He also participated in the Battle of Midway and other battles, according to a Chunichi Shimbun article that was translated and published in The Japan Times in August 2014.

The article also said he trained kamikaze pilots, and later, after the war, he became a dairy farmer and eventually opened a kindergarten.

The 1990-1991 Gulf War reportedly prompted Harada's realization that it was his duty to tell people about the importance of peace.

Harada became a committed anti-war activist who shared his experiences through public lectures where he preached that war must be avoided.

A documentary about his life called "Each and Every Battlefield" was released in Japan last year.