A record number of Japanese say they do not feel friendly toward China


The percentage of Japanese who do not feel friendly toward China has reached a record high of 83.2 percent, a government survey showed Saturday, amid China’s assertive moves in the East and South China seas.

Despite a recent thaw in bilateral relations between Japan and China, the result marked a slight deterioration in sentiment. In the previous survey in 2014, the percentage stood at 83.1 percent, the highest since the government began taking a survey of the kind in 1978.

The Cabinet Office said 14.8 percent said they feel friendly toward China, unchanged from 2014.

Public sentiment toward South Korea improved, however, with 33.0 percent of those polled saying they feel friendly, up 1.5 percentage points.

A total of 64.7 percent said they do not feel friendly toward the Asian neighbor, down 1.7 points.

The poll came after Japan and South Korea agreed in December to resolve the long-standing issue of “comfort women,” or women forced to work in Japan’s wartime brothels, by creating a new fund.

Improving soured ties with China and South Korea has been one of the major challenges for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Tokyo and Beijing remain at odds over the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea that are controlled by Japan but claimed by China.

“The public has yet to understand the Japanese government’s efforts to improve ties,” said Yasushi Kudo, president of the Genron NPO, a private think tank.

China’s massive reclamation work in the South China Sea has also raised concern among countries in the region and beyond.

When asked about the current status of Japan-China relations, a total of 9.5 percent said they are either “good” or “somewhat good.” That compares with a total of 85.7 percent that responded bilateral relations are not good.

A total 84.4 percent of those polled said they feel friendly toward the United States, Japan’s key security ally, marking a 1.8 point improvement from the previous survey.

The percentage of Japanese people viewing the United States favorably has stayed above 80 percent since “Operation Tomodachi,” the relief effort launched by the U.S. military in response to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

As for Russia, 17.4 percent said they feel friendly, down 2.7 points, while 79.3 percent responded they do not, an increase of 2.9 points.

The Jan. 7 to Jan. 17 survey was conducted through in-person interviews, covering 3,000 adults, with 60.0 percent responding.

  • Pink Floyd

    Well surprise surprise! … i guess thats the result of the constant anti China propoganda being churned out on a daily basis by the JP media. Chinese tourists are currently keeping the local economies in Japan afloat with their shopping sprees, but alas the bad blood continues.

  • Firas Kraïem

    Well I don’t feel friendly towards China either…

  • RGW

    Maybe it’s because they recognize that Japan is being colonized…

  • Ahojanen

    The word “(feel) friendly” is not really equal to 親しみ used in the original Japanese polls. It has more to do with common grounds, similarity or any sharing identity. In this line of thought I would agree that China is a “different” country if not Japan’s enemy.

    I assume that their overall negative view is on the communist leadership, not on ordinary Chinese people.

    • PoliticalBastard

      Of course Japan is China’s enemy. When China’s GDP surpassed Japan’s, the whole nation went into a hysteria/obnoxious behavior–saying that China is the threat, viewing China as an enemy, and etc–all this was before island dispute occurred in 2010, before there are any deterioration in relationship between the two nations…The Japanese are obnoxious and anxious people.

      • Clickonthewhatnow

        Why would you even bother coming to Japan Times, then, if you dislike Japanese people? Troll much?

      • PoliticalBastard

        That is not trolling, Japan Time’s articles are not all by Japanese. I read different articles–from: Reuters, Bloomberg, Forbes, NYT, WJL, and etc. Just happened to dropped by to see what the Japanese gotta say.

      • Ahojanen

        I don’t subscribe to the idea of friend/enemy dichotomy… try smart to troll me if you want to :)

        Unlike mass (CPC-coordinated) riots prevailing across China, Japanese have never assaulted Chinese people or damaged properties. Which one is uncivil, or take your quotes, “hysteric and obnoxious” behavior?

      • PoliticalBastard

        Why would you felt trolled? Is that because you’re reading whatever these Japanese media’s been writing about China? If that’s the case, I pity you. Anyhow, Japanese doesn’t need the authority to control/brainwash them. They’re doing fine just by reading whatever washes up on their newspaper/local media about China. Why would such nation’s prime minister be visiting the controversial shrine, and why would a country have trouble issuing apology to the comfort women until last year?

        As I should remind you to refrain from discussing about the whole idea of “üncivil.” America used to be uncivilized, Japan was a mess throughout history–but they all change. China is just going through the same process of changing. Can’t you see that? Yet you were talking about the “pretentious Idea” of intellect, despite you can’t see the transition going on in the Chinese community . What a disappointment!

  • PoliticalBastard

    “Saturday, amid China’s assertive moves in the East and South China seas.”–What a boat load of nonsensical crap! Japan has nothing to do with SCS, so get its big nose out of the business. Such a nosy nation!