Retired slugger Kiyohara refuses to divulge drug source, admits injecting, smoking stimulant: police


Former professional baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara, who was arrested Tuesday night for possessing kakuseizai stimulants, has said he has no intention of revealing the source of the drug, police said Thursday.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the possibility that the seller of the drug is connected to yakuza. They also plan to learn when and how Kiyohara started using the drug. The police plan to send him to the public prosecutor’s office later on Thursday for suspected violation of the laws to control stimulants.

According to the police, the former slugger said the drug found in his condominium was “not to use with someone else or to hand over to other people.” But he would not disclose where he obtained it.

“Sometimes I injected it into my arm, and sometimes I burned it in a glass pipe and inhaled,” he reportedly said.

The former baseball player was arrested late Tuesday when syringes and what was believed to be an illegal substance were found in his condominium. He was taken into custody on suspicion of possessing 0.1 gram of an illegal drug. The former slugger has already admitted the substance found at his home belonged to him, and that he used it himself. The Tokyo police have taken urine samples to confirm that he used the drug.

  • Tim Johnston

    At least he isn’t a snitch.
    See all the fame and Money doesn’t make you happy!
    He wanted the next level of feeling or lack of feeling.

    All the rumors of drug use has come to light as the rumors have been surfacing a lot in recent months.
    wonder, why the police stormed into his apartment?

    He has had many scandalous rumors of connection with the Yakuza,
    In this case he should just bite his lip and remain silent.

    • BlackDogClan

      They could have arrested him at any time. If you’re wondering about the timing perhaps it’s this. It’s to deflect attention away from the scandal of the person whose name starts with an “A” and ends with an “i.”

    • J.P. Bunny

      According to last night’s NHK news program (which wasted fifteen minutes “reporting” on this), the police wanted to wait until they were sure that the suspect was alone and the drugs were out in the open, or in his hands. Months of surveillance wasted on this huge bust.