Tokyo to boost hiring to better prepare for 2020 Olympics: NHK

Staff Report

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has reportedly decided to increase how many people it will hire in fiscal 2016 to better prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games.

The planned increase of 740 employees marks the largest rise in the Heisei Era, which started in 1989, NHK reported without specifying the source. The metropolitan government payroll will reach 166,819, it said.

Besides the Olympics, staff will also be increased to deal with possible for cyberterrorism, NHK said.

Meanwhile, 320 teachers will be added in line with the expected increase of 4,600 students at public elementary and junior high schools in the capital.

“We have secured the size of personnel enough to prepare for the upcoming games as well as tackle the capital’s important issues,” a metropolitan government official was quoted as telling NHK.