Brazilian woman found strangled in Aichi apartment set ablaze


Police said Thursday two women — one a Brazilian national — were found strangled in an apartment in Aichi Prefecture that was set on fire.

The woman was identified as Kimberly Akemy Amarilha Maruyama, 27, a part-time worker at a leisure facility. She had lived in the apartment run by the Aichi Prefectural Government in the city of Handa with her two children since April, an employee with the apartment complex said.

The two children were found safe Wednesday night. Police were workign to identify the other woman.

Autopsies showed the two had been suffocated Wednesday afternoon. The apartment was believed to have been set ablaze following their deaths, investigators said. A neighbor reported a fire in the apartment at around 2:10 p.m. Wednesday.

An almost empty 5-liter gasoline can was found in the kitchen. When the fire started, the door of the apartment was not locked, they said.

The Brazilian woman was found lying on her back on a bed, while the other woman was found lying face-down on a floor of a different room, they added.

  • wanderingpippin

    Shouldn’t the headline, “Brazilian woman found strangled in Aichi apartment set ablaze” read “Two women found strangled in Aichi apartment set ablaze”?
    Or do you consider that because she has not yet been identified she can just be disregarded?

    • At Times Mistaken

      This is a terrible story made that much more terrible by the terrible wording (not to mention the typos ” Police were workign…”) of this article. Unfortunately, when it comes to these wire stories (from Kyodo especially) this piece is par for the course. I just wonder what prevents the editors of this paper from reading them and then recasting them in the light of good journalism.