Vending machines that greet people in the voice of the company boss are being rolled out at a number of businesses under a new initiative by beverage maker Dydo Drinco Inc.

The company, a major producer of canned coffee, said Wednesday the machines would be programed to say such things as "Thank you" or "You must be tired" in the company president's voice.

It would offer "better communication" within the company, it said.

The vending machines would play up to four recorded messages of five seconds each upon inserting money or selecting a product.

Dydo started the service on Aug. 6 with Kyoto-based taxi fleet operator MK Co., where it installed six vending machines with the voice of company President Nobuaki Aoki saying, "Drive safe without any accident" and "Groom yourself well and smile" in the western Japanese dialect.

Dydo has been promoting talking vending machines including those speaking in various Japanese dialects.