Kyoto issues souvenir marriage certificates to foreign newlyweds


The city of Kyoto on Friday began issuing marriage certificates to foreigners who wed in the ancient capital and delivered the first one to a British couple.

The certificate bears the signature of Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa and contains a congratulatory message from him. The city said it aims to boost tourism with the measure, although the certificate is not a legal document.

When newlyweds Stuart Loakes, 34, and Emma Mulcahy, 29, held their wedding ceremony earlier in the day at Kyoto’s Kamigamo Shrine, Kadokawa read out his message.

“I am proud that you have selected Kyoto, a city with more than 1,200 years of kaleidoscopic and brilliant history as the starting point for such an important stage of your life,” he said.

Loakes said he is proud to be the first to receive the certificate. The groom added that he came to like Kyoto so much during a previous visit that he wanted to return one day with his wife.

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