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Oregon woman released following arrest over prescription drug Adderall


An Oregon woman arrested in Japan on Feb. 20 and detained for 18 days after her mother shipped her a prescription drug for attention-deficit disorder was released from custody on Tuesday and now plans to return to the U.S.

Carrie Russell takes Adderall, and a three-month refill of the drug containing an amphetamine was sent to her in Japan, where she planned to teach English. Japan has strict laws against amphetamines.

Russell was arrested on Feb. 20 and held in a women’s detention center.

Members of Congress and U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy worked for her release, which was announced Monday. Her family also wrote an apology letter, saying she had not intended to break the law.

Russell told The Oregonian she was shocked to be arrested, but that the detention facility was “not anything terrifying.” She said she had been fed bento box meals during her detention at the center and did daily chores.