Brother of slain Japanese hostage calls for end to cycle of killing


The brother of Kenji Goto, who was killed by Islamic State militants, called Wednesday for an end to the cycle of bloodshed after further executions were reported in the Middle East.

“I do not want the cycle and chain of bloodshed to continue,” Junichi Goto said. Jordan executed two Iraqi death-row inmates Wednesday morning, including convicted terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi, after a video was released online apparently showing the killing of a captive Jordanian military pilot by Islamic State militants.

“Such acts negate the death of Kenji, who was working for peace,” 55-year-old Goto said in an interview with Kyodo News.

Goto had long been proud of his 47-year-old brother, who was working as a journalist. “He risked his life to do a wonderful job,” Goto said.

Goto had been worried since November when he learned his brother had disappeared in Syria. At one point he hoped his brother’s life could be saved in exchange for the release of al-Rishawi, but as the process dragged on and two days passed following the deadline presented by the extremist group, he feared Kenji might not survive.

On Sunday morning, Goto was overwhelmed by news that his brother had been beheaded.

“Kenji did not look fearful at all when I saw the footage. I believe he showed dignity,” Goto said.

Though Goto and his brother had not communicated frequently recently, they had a good relationship, with Kenji sending his books and the dates his reports would air.

Recalling 10 to 15 years ago, when Kenji was helping Goto run a cram school, he said Kenji was “strict, kind and very passionate” when teaching students.

After the news that Kenji had been taken hostage, many former students called the cram school, Goto said, adding he impressed the students with his work focusing on children living in deprived areas overseas.

In previous interviews Goto has expressed his appreciation for those who showed their support by holding gatherings and posting pictures of themselves on the Internet with cards saying “I am Kenji.”

“I think Kenji was bitterly disappointed after becoming embroiled in the cycle of bloodshed, which was the opposite of what he wanted to convey,” Goto said.

  • eddodt

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    • Green Lab

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      • eddodt

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      • Green Lab

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        You can’t say much for yourself in the modern era as well.

      • eddodt

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      • Green Lab

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      • eddodt

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  • Arsene Wenger

    Here’s an idea, how about you just leave? Just leave the middle east. Leave them alone. The west have been colonising the place for such a long long time. You say you want to liberate them but kill them. You give away considerable amount of land to Europeans of Jewish ancestry and expect people there to just take it. Why can’t you people understand that if you screw others, they just won’t like you too much.

    But you won’t leave won’t you? Because there is too much business in oil and war. All you do is point the finger at an ideology that is not much different than your own, but never see the fault in your own. Typical white colonialist mentality.

    • Gordon Graham

      What has any of what you say to do with muslim violence in Indonesia, China, Nigeria or Sweden?

      • Arsene Wenger

        Ignoring the obvious red herring fallacy in your question, the religion based violence that you mentioned are not much different than violence perpetrated by other religions.

        Assassinations, bombings and the such have been going on for centuries in the name of religion. This is not something new. Ridiculous as the islamic doctrine may seem, it’s not much different than Judaism or Christianity. And mind you this is no conspiracy theory. There is sufficient evidence of this throughout our history.

      • Gordon Graham

        Is it a red herring to point out that violence perpetrated in the name of Islam is not only happening in the Middle East so the “it’s happening because you’re on their land” argument doesn’t account for violence in places where “you ” or whomever are not “on their land”? As for Christian or Jewish or any other religious violence, does that excuse Islamic violence? What is at the root of Islamic or Christian violence? Why is it we don’t get people blowing themselves up in the name of Jainism? Let’s not look past the tenets of these religions and pretend they have no baring on people’s actions because we’re afraid of offending people. I find it offensive and dangerous that too few people wield too much power and can far too easily initiate war for their own interests. Not too many people will take issue with me for challenging that. Why can’t I equally challenge religious ideology that’s dangerous and harmful? I’m sorry but the gloves are off when it comes to zealots murdering children for going to school, whatever religion they’re doing it in the name of.

  • Dipak Bose

    They will not listen. They had never listened for the last 1500 years.