Kishida may attend U.S. meeting on fighting terrorism


The Abe administration is considering sending Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to an international anti-terrorism meeting slated for Feb. 18 and 19 in Washington, a Foreign Ministry official said.

Japan is eager to boost coordination with other countries to curb extremism, especially after the killing of two Japanese nationals by the Islamic State terrorist group operating in Iraq and Syria.

But because Diet deliberations on the budget will soon get into full swing, one of Kishida’s two deputies may represent Japan at the meeting, the official said Monday.

The administration will decide on the level of the delegation while taking into account participants from other countries.

The United States proposed convening the meeting in January in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in France. Washington has said it will bring together all of its allies.

  • J. S. Hansenius

    Good move…the closer the allies work together the better they all will be in this war. There is only one way to end this, destroy the radical Islamist. Only then will that region and the world have peace

  • timefox

    Please exert yourself to eradicate a terrorist and a supporter.