Huis Ten Bosch theme park to get hotel staffed by robots


A hotel with robot staff and face recognition instead of room keys will open this summer in Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture, the operator of the theme park said Tuesday.

The two-story Henn na Hotel is scheduled to open July 17. It will be promoted with the slogan “A Commitment for Evolution,” Huis Ten Bosch Co. said.

The name reflects how the hotel will “change with cutting-edge technology,” a company official said. This is a play on words: “Henn” is also part of the Japanese word for change.

Robots will provide porter service, room cleaning, front desk and other services to reduce costs and to ensure comfort.

There will be facial recognition technology so guests can enter their rooms without a key.

“We will make the most efficient hotel in the world,” company President Hideo Sawada told a news conference. “In the future, we’d like to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robots.”

A single room will be normally priced at ¥7,000 per night, while a twin room will run ¥9,000.

If the hotel looks like it will be filled during the peak season, potential visitors will have to bid for the price they are willing to pay. The highest one wins, although there will be an upper limit of ¥14,000 for a single room.

The first building in the complex will open in July with 72 rooms, followed by another 72-room building next year, the company said.

The theme park in Sasebo uses actual-sized copies of old Dutch buildings to bring the experience of the Netherlands to Japan.

  • cobrasixfour

    This has to be about Gargantua 2….


    Hopefully…the mainstream media and politicians in America will be replaced with robots in the near future

    • You mean like Fox, that gets all its phony news from the Republican National Committee?

      We can just get rid of Congress and let the Koch brothers shut down the government. And no need to finish the fence on the southern border….if hospitality workers will be automated…maybe we can automate lawn mowers, and McDonalds workers…and all the Mexicans will go home.

      The nice thing about droids, is that after the first development…no health care needs, no homes, daycare, transportation. Get rid of UPS, the droids will be delivered by drones. Then we can all stay home and watch reruns of The Jetsons.

      • infocyde

        Ahh the Koch brothers, ever here of George Soros? Just an FYI the left has way more dark money in play than the Koch brothers provide to conservatives. Do the research and quit parroting left wing talking points, that is as bad as the right parroting Fox news talking points…as to the rest, AI and droids as you call them are coming. Good or bad they are being introduced and it will affect society.

      • I thnk you’re wrong about how much the Kochs donate…they have all those front groups that launder money and hide the rich donors. Soros isn’t in the Koch Brothers’ league..not at all.

      • Mr. Hunter

        Soros is far wealthier. Remember the “man who broke the bank of England”?

      • Molon Labe!

        You are one ignorant libtard.

      • keller23

        Are there any other types of libtards?

      • Derigitable

        As opposed to all of Soros’ money laundering groups, one of which financed the Ferguson protests?

      • seenbetterdaze

        G. Soros funds the OPEN Borders foundation, and has been pushing OPEN Borders all over Europe and the USA. Multi Culti is his Utopian dream.

      • You like Kochs utopian dreams better than Soros’?

      • boBNunny

        I like no Utopian dreams. But I also don’t like “feel good” politics which is what so much of today is.

      • I don’t see the feelgood politics. not on the Republican side, for sure. They’re working for the wealthy.

      • shooter2009

        You have no idea how wealthy liberal Democrats are. They are just as, if not more, wealthy than conservative Republicans.

      • Dennis

        The fact is the wealthy have become more richer under the democrats. If they didn’t why do democrats have fund raisers with the wealthy. Keep drinking the kool aid. Hollywood elite, many sports figures and people like Oprah love the democrats, even wonder why?

      • boBNunny

        That’s right, talk the talking points and the stereotypes. Never mind that the Democrats have more Billionaire/Millionaire supporters (look it up) and the average wealth of Democrats in the House/Senate is considerably higher than the GOP.

      • RogerW

        “yawn”… boring, predictable, unintelligent comment…

      • socialism101

        I like you facedown in a toilet better.

      • I don’t think its occurred to you that a lot of message posters supporting the right, are sociopaths like you. Face down in the toilet? NICE TALK, G.I.!!

      • socialism101

        Did you say something, nut butter?

      • RogerW

        Sociopath? Look in the mirror lately, Sparky?

      • the proprietor of this site rejected a post which you’ll have to google, evidently because I pasted in the internet apparent no no here..

        It discusses the comparison between soros and the Kochs. You won’t like what you read in this Bill Moyers article…but if you’re going to spout off about Soros at the mention of the Kochs, you should at least read it. try googling “koch soros comparison’ there are several links…and references to the phrase you used…’dark money’. I guess you picked which side of the debate to go with. I just hope you read Moyers’ explanation when you reevaluate your choice.

      • Dennis

        Bill Moyers, yeah he is unbiased. Keep your blinders on pal.

      • Dontazemebro

        Bill Moyers…lol… I thought he was dead

      • Ayn Rand’s dead…but people still blindly follow HER!

      • RogerW

        …said the economic and political genius right before he cashed his welfare check.

      • boBNunny

        You are so wrong. He spent $33M formenting the violence in Ferguson and busing people in for a matter that even the Holder AG says was a good shoot. If that were the Koch brothers you’d be calling for them to be jailed hypocrit.

      • stevenskane

        Has your check come from the government this week?

      • Next week. And if you cut my SS, I will come looking for you.

      • keller23

        Typical libtard….living off the govt. You are a pathetic piece of garbage.

      • RogerW

        That he is… The definition of a Liberal: Live off the government dole — paid for by the taxes of the working class, who are productive members of our ‘capitalism’ society. Then they bitch and moan about how terrible capitalism is and how we should all be more like communist China or Cuba… Basically, Radioman has two brain cells left in his head – and they’re both fighting for dominance.

      • C Woodrow Wibel

        Of the top 19 political donors in the last election cycle the Koch brothers were, yes you are correct, the top donors for Republican candidates. The part you have either missed or ignored is of the top 19 they came in 19th. The other 18 who gave more money were all Democratic candidate supporters.
        Do try to keep up.

      • Did you read the fine print? Did Koch’s donations include those anonymously laundered by their front groups…the Americans for Prosperity types?

        Those are not counted, are they? They’re your statistics. So you tell ME!

        Hope you checked out that Bill Moyers piece thats on Google when you enter “Soros Koch comparison.”

        I think because of the money laundering schemes, no one knows who the big donors are. All a big secret. Course you won’t be seein that on Fox.

      • infocyde

        You also don’t see the left’s various front groups on MSNBC or hear them on NPR, but they are there, active, and better funded…I’d like to see all dark money out, but you can’t remain ignorant to what one side is doing if you are after the truth. Again, look…the info is out there. I tried to post a link to democrating funding by the .01% but it has yet to appear I guess because it has a URL.

      • infocyde

        I’d like to see all dark money, regardless of ideology, exposed and removed. I’m sure you can agree?

      • RogerW

        …said the economic genius right before he cashed his welfare check.

      • Dennis

        Keep smoking that pot, I assume if you don’t live in a state where it is legal, you have one of those phony mj medical cards.


        You have an Obama phone….dont you?

      • No…I have a smartphone…I helped Apple post the highest profits in world history.

        The problem now is that Chinese are demanding higher wages and getting them….so lots of jobs will come back to the US, where our health care has priced us out of the world labor market.

        Ya know, chinese medicine doesn’t save old people….families have to bring food to hospitals for their sick relatives. They don’t throw millions of dollars on the care of premie kids with heart anomalies.

        Thats why they[‘ll work for less than US workers will.

      • Venice_FL

        apparently you missed the news, Apple is layoff chinese workers and replacing them with robots

      • Marianna George

        Win one for the Gipper, oh no I meant win one for the robot.

      • socialism101

        Helped Apple? I have no doubt that you were the weak link.

      • DinduNuffins

        “.I helped Apple post the highest profits in world history.” Nice to see you admitting you support slave labor camps in China so you can have your new iGadget.

      • No, I don’t…but its clear thats exactly what capitalists want to do. With them, it’s all about the money. Did you read the article about that collusus contractor that employes 1.3 million chinese to make apple products….but they’re laying off soon and to automate rather than pay higher wages?

        We’re seeing the relatively few wealthy going to make the 99 pct equally poor serfs. Ya don’t notice em falling all over thesmelves to raise the minwage, do you? Raising it would reduce turnover…don’t you get tired of a new worker working the window at mcdonalds every week?

        None of em with health insurance. No skills. THey’ll be more automated soon too, just like Home Depot and Walmart and their self service cash registers.

        I dont’ notice you refusing to buy TV’s made in Malaysia for slave wages. Or truck crops picked by unskilled Mexicans. Imagine if Walmart didn’t get all those goods from overseas? How much could we afford to buy with prices much higher? And wages dropping. I would never buy a car with a loan longr than 36 months. Too much uncertainty.

      • infocyde

        On these points I agree with you 100%. It is coming though, I’m not sure what to do about it.

      • RogerW

        Good. Move to Cuba or China if Capitalism is so bad. The rest of us happen to like the country we live in — what we can really do without is people like yourself. Hell, I’ll chip in and buy your one-way ticket to North Korea. Tell me what airport to meet you at.

      • RogerW

        You, with a ‘smart’ phone? That’s a glaring contradiction, now isn’t it?

      • Mr. Hunter

        No, he’s a limo liberal who thinks “we” (which means everyone but him) should pay 95% taxes.

      • Johnny99

        you mean the phone program started by President Reagan? typical white party whiner

      • shooter2009

        Reagan is rolling over in his grave. The way the program is run now is NOTHING what he envisioned it to be.

      • Carl Pham

        I know this will make your head explode, but not everything Reagan did was clever, and no conservative feels that way. He made mistakes. Humans do. See, we understand that. Your’s is the side that worships your leader of the moment — Clinton, Obama, HRC, Elizabeth Warren, whatever BS artist next steps out of the tube — as the Second Coming of Christ, a person who can do no wrong, and to whom you owe slavish obedience. One of the reasons we believe in small government with lots of constraints is just because we understand that all leaders are humans, and make mistakes. You’re the people who think it’s possible to elect Perfect People who should be given ultimate power to Fix Everything.

        Well, you and those ISIS lads, who also have a similar absolutist view.

      • No pal, your partisanship has made YOUR head explode. You don’t really understand liberal thinking…and probably don’t understand conservatives either.

        I think govt was invented to organize infrastructure services on behalf of all of us; they collect the money and contract out most of the services. I think govt is much more accountable than banking and corporations and in fact we’ve assigned govt to regulate potentially abusive corporations. I like knowing my meat and dairy is safe and some ass up stream isn’t dumping poison in my drinking water.

        We have a pretty decent system, and I really don’t wanna see amateur economists screw it up with doctrinal theories. Moreover if youre an airline passsenger flying over the atlantic, you really don’t want design engineers tinkering with the jetliner at 35,000 feet! Look what hapened to the Russians. They were far better off before Marx. His plan sounded good, for ants and bees, but not for people.

      • Dennis

        Private companies don’t have $70 trillion dollar deficits.

      • Boxhawk

        Typical straw man argument you have there, conflating limiting government with ruining the environment and causing planes to crash.

      • keller23


        Why would a meat company want to poison its customers with unsafe products? It’s in their best interest to have safe meat or they go out of business. You don’t need the govt for that. Just like you don’t need the govt for 90% of what the govt does today.

        Keep a military, run a court system…that’s about it. The rest, the private sector can do better and cheaper.

      • RogerW

        America was far better off before idiot ‘progressives.’ Please feel free to jump off said airplane without a parachute. You’d be doing the world a service.

      • Marianna George

        I do not want to know how a liberal thinks.

      • C Woodrow Wibel

        Are you Taking a library break between tin cup shifts in front of Starbucks Johnny?

      • Dennis

        You are either stuck on stupid or else you smoke too much pot, which is it?

      • Johnny99

        I understand Facts really frustrate the White Party members

      • Dontazemebro

        LOL…. wrong President, doofus

      • Marianna George

        What difference does it make what color a commenter is?

      • icetrout

        & as with all good programs once the coons got their fingers on it they ran it into the ground… ah,how come Eric Holders replacement is Black ??? & a crazy ass commie ????????

      • Derigitable

        Oh, those poor illegal aliens will have to go home again. Awwww.

      • Sally Fields

        And you’re in bed with Soros! Give me a break!!!

      • Why do you need a break? What disturbs me most about these message rooms is the zealotry inside many participants heads. I like to think bright people like we see here would be more objective and less dogmatic. The simplified phrase is about people blindly ‘drinking the koolaid’.

        Smart people understand propaganda and how to do it… because they DO do it. Why is it so inconceivable that other smart people use it on THEM? Is it arrogance? The feeling that it isn’t possible to be mistaken? Or hoodwinked?

        As a reporter I’ve been bullsh#tted by the best. National politicians down to guilty men lying that they are innocent. I learned not to jump to too many conclusions. That many things, especially political things, aren’t as they appear. A lot of politicians have the same difficulty with what was once called ‘approval lying’ as car salesmen. It probably has occurred to you than many politicians are lawyers…. that is to say, ‘hired liars.’ Or ‘spin doctors.’ out to persuade you to their understanding of the facts.

        Do what I do… recalibrate your BS detector frequently. THe best way to do that is not to eat only one brand of news dogfood. None of the partisan sites are objective and their biggest sin is to OMIT stories that don’t support their side. Hold your nose but read those you’d tend not to agree with. Regularly. You should be able to explain political events without a personal bias…to be objectively detached as you report all the views. Not just the ones that support your beliefs. That will help you understand… and also to better understand that facts and opinions aren’t the same. And people will try to persuade you as they themselves have been persuaded. Sometimes falsely. So whats more important for the country? Economic doctrine and its righteousness, or the economic wellbeing of its citizens? Sometimes one does not support the other and it takes some research to sort through the BS.

      • RogerW

        “as a reporter..”… ha!… For what? Mad Magazine?

        At least it explains why you’re collecting welfare now…

      • motimer


      • Well a lot of dopers have been supporting the pot industry for years. And as much as possible, also supporting the justice industry.

      • J2

        FOX is closer to the truth than the rest of the Palace Guard Media, which is why their ratings are so high. We know who the government run propaganda outlets are, and they are CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Huff Po, Salon, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweak(is that still around?), etc.

      • You really have no idea if you’re right unless you watch them regularly. Fox has trouble separating fact with opinion. They have an agenda and use their broadcast day to persuade you to that agenda.

        In the unlikely event the GOP lands the next president, you will see Fox supporting the Palace guard and running soundbites how to disagree with their president going to war is treasonous.

      • Dennis

        You are really funny, you actually state what is the opposite of the truth. Obama has sent more people to war then President Bush and more soldiers have died under his watch.

      • Give me a link to that statement, Dennis.

      • RogerW

        Here you go… close the gaps. bit .ly / 15K1k0O

      • boBNunny

        Had to be political didn’t you? The fact that Soros and Buffet support the Dems means nothing I guess. Or that CNN gave 4 minutes air time TOTAL to the IRS targeting groups. I want Mexicans who entered illegally and took slots from those waiting their turn to go home. YOu are darn right.

      • Soros and Buffet aren’t libertarians trying to pick your pocket with austere public policy. Both men made their livings with enterprise. THey’re not really investors…they employe people in their industries.

        I really don’t think you want to work for the wage Mexicans are willing to work. They only reason why they’re here is that they can made better money here than where they were. Before its over, our living conditions will bhe same as in Mexico. That’s what the wealthy have in mind for the middle class too preoccupied to even vote their own best interests.

      • Dennis

        Illegal immigration has devastated parts of America and many black people are victims of this as well. Obama only cares about creating more voters for the democrats, nothing else.

      • And Obama’s deep in his second term. What’d be in it for him to create more democratic voters?

      • Carl Pham

        All pretty good ideas, frankly. The Republican National Committee is, at this stage, probably more honest than the President. At least, I haven’t heard about eleventy million outright lies from them.

        And I bet the Koch Brothers, having becoming rich in a competitive market economy, would run the government a lot more efficiently than the present bunch of overpaid fat-arsed chair polishers and diversity coordinators. So that’s good, too.

      • IF you knew what you were talking about, you’d know the Koch Brothers inherited their money from their dad Fred…and turned it into even more money. And guess who made Fred rich? Joe Stalin of Russia. Fred’s the same guy who took an ad out in a Dallas paper a few days before JFK was murdered, calling him Treasonous. The Kochs donate a lot of money to the Tea Party interests, and have set up lots of front groups to launder money for anonymous wealthy to bribe Congress. They are Libertarians…and politics in America is their hobby.

      • wvcaver

        Koch ? Have you heard of
        George Soros

      • haifisch8587

        And your means of employment will be what?

      • John

        How would you know, you don’t even watch Fox.
        Your masters tell you what to think.

      • I follow my own advice. I listen to a bit of Rush most days, catch some Fox along with my MSNBC and CNN. My FB links to both right and left leaning sites. I’m retired so have that luxury. And unlike so many overlly hostile poeple in these rooms, I don’t take it all personally. Not even the right winger hostile insults I get for not agreeing with them!

        Ill post separately my links for your convenience. Japan times doesnt tolerate links to their msg board. Google “RadiomanKC best Links” and maybe they’ll come up if Japantimes wont let me display it.

      • All the best links, news opinion and more fun. Enjoy

      • Marianna George

        Why are you hung up on the Koch brothers? You are just a silly robot that has been hired by Hillary to troll.

    • Mr. Hunter

      I rather thought that was already the case, especially the President and MSNBC hosts.

      • Tim

        Common sense – “The elitist billionaire globalist Oligarchs have stated they want a 90% reduction in population in the name of saving THEIR earth, yes Bill Gates is included……..

        Sheep – “Then how are they going to make all of this money without all of us? Who will make their beds and mow their lawns?

        Common Sense – “We will make the most efficient hotel in the world,” company President Hideo Sawada told a news conference. “In the future, we’d like to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robots.”’
        ……………………………………………………………….There’s your sign.

      • icetrout

        elites bleed too… :X

      • amabokcuf

        Lock and load…the time is near…

      • haifisch8587

        I already have a robot to sweep the floor and my neighbor has a version to cut his lawn. We are fast becoming obsolete and will soon be scrounging through garbage cans for sustenance. Just look at the humanoid robots being developed in Japan and you will witness our obsolescence or watch Automata on Netflix

      • Bizzawk

        I have a robot to scrounge through the garbage.

    • Johnny99

      especially FOX

      • jwbaumann

        You don’t actually watch FoxNews, do you?

  • Gino Schafer

    Robots cannot possibly be worse than the clowns working at the last hotel I stayed in. At least the robots won’t stink of cheap wine and cigarettes.

    • infocyde

      Not yet, but maybe in a hundred years they will :)

  • rebman

    “Hello, room service? Can I get the chicken nachos, 2 beers, and an in room handy? Thanks!”

  • GizaDog

    They really meant to say run by Human Drones

  • Minimum wage pimps in the USA–meet your replacements.

    • socialism101

      But could flip a burger better! I swear!

    • This is why the Supreme Court is wrong. And Romney too. Corporations are NOT people. THey are profit making machines…and humans are just a commodity to them. The first three words to the Constitution reads, “We the PEOPLE.” Trite…but lots of zealots forget that when they practice economics without the proper credentials.

      • Dennis

        Corporations hire people who pay taxes who buy things and they make profits for their stock holders. Share with us a better system?

  • Robots are the future. You will either know how to build, operate, or maintain them. Or you will be in the other class.

  • TonyMonterey

    I feel sorry for ISIS if the Japanese decide to build Hunter Killer Robots with voice and facial recognition.

  • bet michael

    This is future of all Minimum wage jobs that Democrats want to make 15 dollar an hour jobs

    • We all love technology, right up until it takes away our ability to meet our own needs. I havent been poor since I was in college. I like not having to worry about money. Maybe I was born in a better time and a society where I could fairly easily get skills to be comfortable. Those who understand purchasing power and the minimum wage and were around when it was better, can appreciate that. I got my degree without borrowing against my future. Kids today can’t do that working at a fast food restaurant in a college town. And kids who jump prematurely into the laborforce wthout rewarding skills are making a million dollar mistake in lifetime earnings.

      • Sorry if the person is 40 years old and still making minimum wages at McDonalds, that person has issues.. Not McDonalds..

    • nostudme1

      Robies work for less, no sass, never sick, won’t steal, no healthcare, etc., etc., etc.

  • taosnow

    hard to get Mexicans all the way over to Japan I guess.

    • Derigitable

      Robots don’t cost as much.

      • Ebama Obola

        Or stink like mexicans. And they don’t steal your shzhht from the rooms.

  • Philip Hage

    When you think about the current Administration bringing 100,000’s of unskilled, uneducated, un-techy, illiterate illegals into the country just as robots are taking over non-repetitive tasks, self learning and adaptive–you have to ask–why. In 10 years, whole groups of unskilled workers will be replaced by robots. Remember: directory assistance, travel agents, secretaries, road map companies, receptionists, telephone operators, gas station attendants……….unskilled, uneducated=unemployed.

    • infocyde

      What is going to happen to all these people…I’m not talking about just illegals I’m talking about American’s too. It will be interesting.

  • Neill M N

    I wonder if the Robots will insist on the equivalent of a $15 an hour minimum wage.

    • Ebama Obola

      If they don’t get it it would be racist.

    • The real question is to ask how people in a tekkie society can support themselves when they can be replaced by low maintenance robots?

  • Obozos Son

    will they have sex robots too?

    • Ebama Obola

      Hopefully if they do your teeny weeny will get ripped off. Creeper.

  • Sally Fields

    So, they won’t be able to smell the ganja then…awesome!!!!

    • Ebama Obola

      Don’t be silly. They have the same smoke alarms as any hotel and the robots will chop off your dongle for even thinking of smoking weed in their “holy” country. Forget about a mini bar.

  • ROSS783027

    Anything can be automated over time. There is for example a A.I. program that is a mining engineer. The program found a mineral deposit. A doctor (general practi.) can be replaced by a A.I. program. The carts that bring food around in the hospital can be automated. Picking crops can be totally automated the problem is cost. Keep in mind that a large tracktor can cost $500,000 or as little as $65,000 and those big wheat and corn harvesters $1 million dollars. In Spain they developed a machine that picks strawberry’s and there are machines under development that can pick apples and oranges. The problem for the small farmer is cost.

  • μολὼν λαβέ

    When does this become a human rights issue?

    At what point do humans rebel?

    And why is there already not a long term discussion on humans being REPLACED world wide?

  • Dallas_Guy

    Anyone remember Westworld?

  • J2

    Mass replacement of humans by robots in the service and retail industries will bring about violent Revolution by the unemployed masses. You can’t just make the vast majority of your population unemployed without serious repercussions. Retail will collapse in on itself when no one has the money to buy goods and services.

  • DavidG

    Between 15-50% of all jobs will be replaced by robots in the next 10+ years! Someone’need to hack it immediately to prove it’s not secure…

  • J2

    Humans ought to be cheaper to employ than robots, but the Left keeps jacking up the cost of human employment through Minimum Wage Laws, Employer Mandates, OSHA, and ObamaDon’tCare. Now they’ve pushed the cost of workers so high that even costly robots are an economical alternative. But mass unemployment is going to collapse society.

    • I think the problem j2 is that we’ve priced ourselves out of the world labor market…and its mostly the inefficiencies and greed of health providers and their coconspirators in health insurance. Its the Republicans protecting this…and they’re not ALL in health care. We pay lesss to the drug companies, we’ll provide more demand for all the REST of the businesses. Obamacare is only step one. We’re still waiting for the “Affordable” part of the ACA. Wait til lthat happens and you’ll hear the medical people screaming bloody murder. OSHA’s not nearly the bad guy it once was…workplace safety is probably a very good investment, considering the cost of health care.

      Corporations are like the borg… they’ll search for low paying countries use them…and as soon as they want more money, they’ll find another third world country. Before you know it the 1 pct will have all the money and the rest of us will be serfs living in little tickytacky dwellings like the Chinese do.. History repeats itself. The rich really don’t want to share, so they try to blame the gumment while they’re picking your pocket. Don’t fall for it unless you’re one of the rich yourself.

    • nostudme1

      Keep printing

  • boBNunny

    7000 Yen is about $60. I’d go in a US minute provided the room was safe, and had a shower and TV.

    • socialism101

      What about the ceiling cameras?

  • socialism101

    Can’t wait until all our fast food joints are staffed with robots so we can rid ourselves of these overpaid toilet scrubbers. And don’t think about getting on the gov’t dole!

  • denverkid666

    Who’s gonna support all of us “plebs” when robots take over the whole enchilada, even marginal service sector jobs? The Koch Bros.? Dream on.

    • They’re gonna let ya die, denver. We can’t afford our health care. Kochs arent going to support us. They don’t share. Rationed care is coming, like it or not. Let the religious right to lifers gnash their teeth. We cant spend more money on people’s health than they can make in their lifetime. The republicans just dont tell you about that when they say they dont want to raise wages.

  • 10Q

    Humans are obsolete. Time to thin out the herd?

  • cleo48

    Not a single one of those “employees” will steal your athletic shoes, or march in front of the place demanding $15 dollars an hour base wage. Coming to a Las Vegas hotel near YOU. What will Hairy Reid do when the graft from the hotel unions will no longer be of any benefit? It’s a brave new world, Pols.

  • nicthstic

    Once the AI transition is complete the elite will neither want or need the services of humans.

  • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

    I have got to wonder if they will also be providing robot hookers and so on?

  • motimer


  • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

    How fast will this come to the US when we start paying a $15.00 minimum wage to workers that could be replaced by a robot?

  • motimer


  • Drudge Breitbart


  • whatitism

    “In the future, we’d like to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robots.”,,,,,,,,the US government already is .

  • E. Newton

    While the U.S. position is “In the future, we would like to have more than 95% of all work done by illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America”.

  • Why? What is the purpose of replacing Humans (who have to have jobs in order to live and buy goods and services) with Robots? If no one has the money to stay at your hotel because there are no more jobs, what is the point? Robots should only replace Humans in jobs where safety is an issue or could cause mortality. Robots should be used to enhance rather then replace. AND NO ONE should seek AI or encourage it! You create AI who is to say you can control it or should control it? What happens when it comes to the conclusion that YOU are the threat to it? Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should…..

    • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

      The pro-choice people would tell you to increase the rate of abortion so that the robots can keep their jobs. This sounds idiotic but I have read numerous responses by pro-choice people in reader statements for other articles that make that exact argument. There already is a huge oversupply of workers for the number of jobs.

  • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

    $56.25 for a single room at a good size theme park is a pretty good price.

  • jwbaumann

    I would experiment with doing this in prisons first.

  • Boxhawk

    Anyone want to bet that room service won’t involve food at this hotel?

  • icetrout

    hell yes… rather have robots than illegal aliens or the work visa scum ! Got a robot to replace Obongo ?

  • keller23

    This is the future if burger flippers keep asking for $15/hr.

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    coming to a fast food restaurat and hotel near you, then you have no wage and no job priced right out of the market do you think the unions will care I THINK NOT

  • David Anderson

    Why is drudge so afraid of robots? Me thinks too many sci-fi flicks?


    Golly! What will the Third World Maids do?!

  • heavenor

    I would like to see the droid that can make up a bed. or are they going to bring in an entire new bed, all made up. Who knows.

  • jimsmith55

    As someone who has gone long on automation and robotics I’m looking forward to a $15 min wage.

  • necod

    If only we could elect one of those to the White House instead of current human.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    more proof obozo didn’t invite 5 million illegal invaders into America to do anything else but collect welfare and vote democrap.

  • Ali Von Goldberg

    My Roomba robot vacuum cleaner has gone on strike demanding Obamacare benefits,

  • barracuda43

    We thought illegal aliens would drive wages down the most. This will eliminate wages.

  • barracuda43

    If a robot is working a 7-11 won’t it be hard to rob it now?

  • Zoo Keeper

    Motel 6 Japanese style.