Father of hostage Yukawa stunned but holds onto hope


Shoichi Yukawa, the father of hostage Haruna Yukawa, who has reportedly been slain by the extremist Islamic State group, said Sunday he hopes it is not true but said it is extremely regrettable his son’s fate seems to have been sealed.

“My mind went totally blank,” Yukawa told reporters at his home in Chiba. “I cannot find any other words.”

The father, 74, said he received a phone call from the Foreign Ministry around midnight Saturday telling him his son appeared to have been killed, though it could not be confirmed.

“My heart aches that it has turned out to be like this. I hope it is not my son, but I just feel awful,” he said, his voice trembling.

As for journalist Kenji Goto, who was being held alongside his son for a $200 million ransom set as a rebuke to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Yukawa said his son held great respect for Goto and said he was a sincere and kind man with courage who acted like his big brother.

“Mr. Goto risked his life to go there (Syria) because he was worried about my son. I feel very bad about this,” Yukawa said.

Yukawa said he has had no direct contact with the terrorists.

“I feel the importance of human lives. I want to ask (all parties) to stop fighting.”

In a 25-minute group interview, Yukawa repeatedly said he hoped the death of his son was not true and that he would hug him if he ever saw him again.

But he also said: “I am very sorry that (my son) caused trouble for the government and other people. I am grateful for their immense help.”

  • yesyoumay .

    Maybe this will influence Japan to drop their non aggression pact and start doing their part to help combat these bloodthirsty savages.

    • Intellectualist

      Buying arms and sending troops to fight a war of ideas is like throwing gasoline on a fire. That’s what daesh is asking for. Why would you reward them?

  • These Islamic maniacs better watch out or the Japanese will revert to the desperate kamikazis they used to be. Then they’ll be sorry.

  • Korea1Seoul1

    Bigger picture. Why did Japan got involve into Middle East/ ISIS mess.

  • Lee1001

    Own goal,why did they donate 200 million $ of goods to the anti Isil movement while Isil had some Jap’s hostages?Idiotic move

  • Ana Babic

    “I am very sorry that (my son) caused trouble for the government and
    other people. I am grateful for their immense help.”hahaha,what trouble?
    Save two humans life.they knew from the beginning that it would not do
    anything to save them. father said that his son fate sealed. then why
    they lie us to make everything to save them.

  • yesyoumay .

    I’m not blaming Japan for the their constitution….that was another time, another era, and was appropriate for then. But in today’s world its time for a change! Constitutions can be amended. It happens all the time.