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U.S. President Barack Obama has warned in a recent interview on YouTube that North Korea is likely to collapse and information shared by North Koreans via the Internet can play a role in the possible end to the “authoritarian” regime.

“North Korea is the most isolated, the most sanctioned, the most cut-off nation on Earth,” Obama said during an interview Thursday with a popular celebrity of the video-sharing service.

Obama authorized economic sanctions against North Korea earlier this month after his administration concluded the country hacked the computer system of the California-based Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

The authoritarianism under Kim Jong Un cannot be duplicated “anywhere else,” Obama said.

“It’s brutal and it’s oppressive and as a consequence, the country can’t really even feed its own people,” the president said. “Over time, you will see a regime like this collapse.”

Obama remained cautious about a possible military solution to issues related to North Korea as the country has technologies that can produce a nuclear weapon and missiles to deliver it.

If a war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula, South Korea, which is a U.S. ally, would be “severely affected,” Obama added.

“Information ends up seeping in over time and bringing about change, and that’s something that we are constantly looking for ways to accelerate,” Obama said.

Senior diplomats from the United States, Japan and South Korea who are handling North Korea’s nuclear issues will hold a meeting Wednesday to seek a resumption of the six-nation talks on North Korea’s denuclearization.

North Korea once promised to abandon all nuclear programs under the multilateral framework in 2005 but later flouted the commitment. The China-hosted six-party forum, which also involves Russia, has been stalled since 2005.