Islamic State threatens to kill two Japanese hostages


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In an online video released Tuesday, the Islamic State group threatened to kill two Japanese citizens unless Tokyo pays a ransom of $200 million within 72 hours.

The hostage crisis developed as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on the final leg of a six-day tour to the Middle East to pledge $200 million in non-military aid to countries in the region.

Abe vowed to save the men.

The video was posted on militant websites associated with the Islamic State group’s al-Furqan media arm. It shows a man wearing a black mask and speaking English with a British accent standing over two kneeling hostages wearing orange jumpsuits.

It identified the two as freelance journalist Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa, a private security contractor who was reportedly captured by a local armed group in August.

The speaker addresses the Japanese people, saying “You now have 72 hours to pressure your government in making a wise decision by paying $200 million to save the lives of your citizens.” The man brandished a knife. “Otherwise, this knife will become your nightmare,” he said.

The release of the video was apparently intended to coincide with Abe’s trip to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian territories.

In the video, the man said he is demanding the money because Abe “has proudly donated $100 million to kill our women and children and destroy the home of Muslims” and another $100 million “in an attempt to stop the expansion of the Islamic State.”

“It’s intolerable to make threats by taking hostages. We feel strongly indignant,” Abe told a news conference in Israel. He called for the hostages’ immediate release and said “their lives are the top priority.”

Abe said he would send Yasuhide Nakayama, state minister for foreign affairs, to Amman to seek Jordan’s support and to resolve the crisis. The prime minister also said the Israeli government, which Japan promised Sunday to cooperate with on counterterrorism, is sharing information to aid in the hostage crisis.

In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Japan is examining the video’s authenticity, and will not give in to threats.

“We will not give in to terrorism, and will continue contributing to the international community to fight against terrorism,” Suga said. “Our position won’t change.”

He said he was in contact with Abe in the Middle East, and that the prime minister ordered him to place “top priority” on saving the hostages’ lives.

Suga also said that the main purpose behind the aid to countries in the region is to provide non-military assistance, such as building infrastructure and increasing humanitarian assistance.

Later in the day, a senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Tokyo had not been approached by the militant group for any negotiations so far.

Meanwhile, a government expert who analyzed the video told reporters Tuesday night that it might be a “composite” — because the shadows of the two hostages seen on the ground are apparently facing in opposite directions.

But it wasn’t clear how the authenticity of the video could affect the course of events.

Yukawa, a private security contractor, is believed to have been traveling with rebel fighters from the Islamic Front and the Free Syrian Army when he was captured Aug. 14 by Islamic State during a firefight in Marea, roughly 30 km north of Aleppo.

He was visiting there to train with militants, according to a post on his blog kept. Pictures on his Facebook page show him in Iraq and Syria in July. One video on his page shows him holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle with the caption: “Syria war in Aleppo 2014.”

“I cannot identify the destination,” Yukawa wrote in his last blog post. “But the next one could be the most dangerous.” He added: “I hope to film my fighting scenes during an upcoming visit.”

Nobuo Kimoto, an adviser to Yukawa’s company and a former member of the Ibaraki Prefectural Assembly, told NHK that he had worried “something like this could happen sooner or later.”

“I was afraid that they could use Yukawa as a card,” Kimoto said.

Goto, a freelance journalist from Sendai, set up his own video news agency, Independent Press, in 1996.

He reported extensively from Kobani, a besieged Kurdish town near Syria’s border with Turkey, uploading numerous interviews he conducted with residents there as recently as Oct. 3. The BBC said the last foreign journalist in the town was Swedish journalist Joakim Medin, who left Oct. 4.

Goto has specialized in reporting on civil wars around the world and their consequences on residents, especially children. He has written numerous books, ranging from an account of an Afghan girl hoping to go to school, to reportage on a 16-year-old mother infected with the HIV virus in a town in Estonia, where rampant drug abuse has spread the infectious disease among a large portion of its residents.

In 2006, he won a children’s book award by the Sankei Shimbun for his 2005 volume titled “Daiyamondo yori Heiwa ga Hoshii,” (“I Want Peace Rather Than a Diamond”), a nonfiction book about a former child soldier in Sierra Leone who, severely traumatized by the civil war there, is trying to rebuild his life.

The Islamic State group has beheaded and shot dead hundreds of captives — mainly Syrian and Iraqi soldiers — during its sweep across the two countries, and has celebrated its mass killings in extremely graphic videos. A British-accented jihadi also appeared in the beheading videos of slain American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and with British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning.

The group also holds British photojournalist John Cantlie, who has appeared in other extremist propaganda videos, and a 26-year-old American woman captured last year in Syria while working for aid groups. U.S. officials have asked that the woman not be identified out of fears for her safety.

Tuesday’s video marks the first time the Islamic State group specifically has demanded cash for hostages.

Information from AP, Kyodo added

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    JAPAN BEAST IS WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Joiny

      What on earth do you mean?

    • Miki

      What do you mean by Japan beast is within?And you are wearing a Korean flag?

  • David Joiny

    My thoughts and prayers go out to these brave men and their families.

    • TheSandGal

      I am not sure how brave they are. But I know they were pretty foolish to go where they went.

  • David Howell

    ts time to turn there ways against them. Start sending in insurgent, and kill them…

  • Miki

    This is the true face of Islam from the 7th century up to the present. And they will pull us back to the medieval society. I fear there will be no civilize people in the future.

    • TheSandGal

      Something to think about. While Japan and other civilized and relatively peaceful nations and cultures are shrinking in number, with a less than replacement birth rate, the backwards parts of the world where Islam thrives are increasing in numbers. Humanity’s future is bleak.

      • Btd

        Good point. Last time I was in Europe I couldn’t but realize that the “third worldification” and “cretizination” of Europe is in full swing. Instead of having a control over who immigrates to Europe (…people that can contribute intellectually or financially) Europe is teeming with people who have nothing to contribute. I visited 5 big cities and went to the so called “no go zones”, well, there obviously are no real no go zones (all right wing rubbish) but you certainly I neither felt welcome nor comfortable or safe and you can see the balkanization of European societies in big citiesvery clearly. There’s no “melting pot” since everybody has been encouraged (by idiotic politicians) to “immigrate and just keep on living like in their homeland” – often unemployed because poorly educated and trained – all paid for courtesy by the tax payer, be that one white or not – so, yes, things look very bleak indeed. I honestly do hope Japan is not going to loosen it’s immigration laws in the cretinous way Europe has been doing this for the last 40 years or we face a downfall as in Europe. Europe is in free fall, saving it will be hard.

        The idiocy goes as far as putting up a statue/monument for an illegal immigrant from Sierra Leone, a known drug dealer that died in police custody (looks like it was all his fault cause he didn’t want to throw up the cocaine cocoons in his stomach) – Europe is truly fxxxx

    • Joshua Radick

      Be careful with over generalizations. Kurdistan, the guys fighting ISIS, is very pro-western, has a friendly relationship with local Christians, and a healthy relationship with Israel. The Kurds, as a whole, are a more moderate brand of Islam.

    • Eriasu

      carefull of what are you saying,
      I am a Muslim, and ISIS does not represent me
      everyone knows ISIS aren’t real muslims they are just a group of terrorist

      • Miki

        Maybe you need to review some simple LOGIC.

      • Bill

        Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslims

  • tholan

    A stage now has come , where a 6year old can tell what is terrorism and which religion is deeply accused of casually promoting it! very sad indeed.

    the best solution as of now is to pay the ransom and get those two are freed…. and then take out those , who are really behind it.
    past experience known to the world shows , these madmen would certainly do what they have threatened to do.

    • Mitch

      Wouldn’t paying a ransom just make Japanese citizens worldwide become a valuable target for kidnapping?

      For instance, Chinese citizens who own businesses in the Malaysian state of Sabah are routinely kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf and other extremist groups because the Chinese government consistently pays a ransom for their return.

      • tholan

        IS and AbuSayyaf , both are coming under same catagory in the name of religion. but i didnot come across what you call chinese government paying for Malaysian Chinese citizens.
        but it is not like that the concerned government will publicly announce that we paid ransom. Any intelligent person simply understands the reason behind hiding the truth.

  • timefox

    It’s surprise also to put a false charge on the victim support. It was proved that there is also no certain reason in Islamic nation with this. And the environment that terrorist related bills are carried out was complete.

  • tisho

    I know this may sound like a conspiracy theory, but i actually think this whole thing might be orchestrated.This whole thing comes just at the time when there is a huge opposition against he changing of the constitution to allow the japanese military be deployed overseas. If the constitution is to be changed like abe wants, japan will be able to deploy their military overseas and join war conflicts with other countries, but above all, japan will be able to sell weapons. This whole thing is just too convenient for abe. He can now say – you see, i told you ! we must change our constitution in order to deploy our military to help our citizens !

    i don’t buy this. Also, there are a lot of people saying the video is a montage and not original footage. If you look closely you can see their heads looking very synthetic and composed over. The government is currently confirming the video, which they will confirm to be ”real” in order to use this to farther their agenda to reinterpret the constitution and allow military to be send abroad and also allow weapons to be sold.

    • tisho

      actually not only their heads but their whole bodies looks like they were filmed in front of a green screen. the color contrast is a giveaway.

    • Gerardo Gallo

      yes, it may sound like… But i agree, every thing can be orchestrated. Also in France, we are not sure what happened exactly. Many people want to sell things in this big market. But to take part in this market you must pay a price. For this reason i feel very difficolt situation for the two japanese. but, in any case, this episode may serve to awaken the Japanese people. Ok, Arab culture and islam are two different things. Arab cultur probably is a culture of peace, but Not islam. Extremism and Islam are NOT two different things. Are the same things. This episode may serve to the Japanese people to know that Japanese culture is a superior culture. But this episode may serve to know that outside Japan many people are not people but only animals.
      Japan did well to avoid a big muslim population until now. It would be a big mistake to change that going forward. Islam contributes nothing positive to any culture. It just takes and destroys. Japan has always been clear about not wanting mass immigration. Islamic immigration should be blocked.
      The individual people who happen to be muslims are no doubt normal people, good and bad, just as the man in the article said. But the religion they follow is violent, intolerany, represses women, hates gays, and for some reason a lot of the followers accept every word as literal truth, rather than achieve a more modern and tolerant understanding. There is no place in the world today where a large muslim population co-exists with any other ethnic or religious group. None. I don’t say Abenomics is a nice politic, but Abe can help the Japanese people to wake up. The world of manga is a nice world. But outside Japan there is onother world, a very cruel world. And you need to look out the window to see what happens out, in order to better defend your home, . . your culture

      • Miki

        Well said.

    • Gabriele Kubo

      yes. we collect the fruits of our seeds.

    • Eagle

      Please don’t excuse your yourself and your excellent post. “conspiracy theory” is a magic word created by the elite, the rulers of our world, the politicians and their obedient mass media to ridicule anybody who can see clearly and dare speak. Namely, recently there are too many of them to hunt down and kill them one by one, therefore needed something witty, a slogan “conspiracy theory” that seems to work well.
      Don’t even mention.

    • Mitch

      Seeing as these men were kidnapped months ago, before LDP won reelection, I don’t think your conspiracy theory stands up to Occam’s razor.

    • John Ax

      Japan’s SDF has been deployed in the past in the Middle East Region. As for your conspiracy theory it still is.

      • tisho

        Japan’s military or SDF cannot be deployed anywhere unless being part of a UN peace keeping mission.

  • Believe in truth

    Pathetic! Extremism and Islam are two different things. These barbarians should be eliminated!!

  • Terence Nomoto

    So so obviously fake – the photoshop work is terrible to the point it’s a joke.

    • KenjiAd

      The shadow in the video looks strange.

  • Btd

    This can’t be true, must all be a conspiracy, Muslims would never do this, everybody knows how progressive they are. It’s the religion of peace. Must be a lie by decadent white westerners and their allies….. Irony off

  • VancouverCanucks

    Hooray! Yippee! Just another solid reason to JUSTIFY and bolster Japanese xenophobia and of course pave the way for his excellency Shinzo Abe to remodel the constitution and declare jihad… Ops I mean war on terror by showing imperial themed fangs towards Korea and China as usual.

    As for Muslims, no offense but it sucks to be you right now. rest assure I will not generalize my opinion of you. And as for the Gajins in Japan, who mostly happens to be racist and with serious self esteem issues, Don’t join in on “kick the Muslims out” marches because honestly you are next in Japan’s Xenophobia’s list.

    Cheers, drink beers, have fun with you peers.

    • Gordon Graham

      Go burn your city because you lost a hockey game…

      • VancouverCanucks

        Awww! Did I strike a nerve and hurt you Mr. Graham? We don’t burn our cities like you Yanks did with Ferguson, Missouri. I shouldn’t be surprised racism still exist in your daily lives. No wonder a lot of you move to Japan where your xenophobia feels at home.

      • Gordon Graham

        Americans are this, the Japanese are that…Next time you look up a big word like xenophobia in the dictionary stop by the letter i for irony

      • VancouverCanucks

        hehehehehe! Chill out Mr. Graham! No need to pop them neck-veins. If Some Japanese and their devote gaijin fans “like you” wants to be xenophobic then go ahead. Just don’t expect the rest of the free world to accept it.

  • 46nd2

    ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal http://shar.Es/1bjQ8B via @grtvnews

    • joeharvey

      6800 comments and counting…and all of them spewing hate about Israel. Even spreading lies to the Japanese, who are probably astute enough to figure you out. Fortunately you keep most the excrement on Al Jazeera…and there you’re among friends.

  • Gabriele Kubo

    That’s what happens when you change Article 9. Was clearly to be foreseen.

    • Btd

      Are you serious? that’s what happens when you live in the stone age, with a carpet or towel on your had and your wife in a black tent, your children reading the Koran 24 hours a day instead of going to school or learning a trade not when you change article 9 – get real FFS – Islam7s next stop is Japan, happy islamization my dear, ethnocide is around the corner… but, the religion of peace will bring us on the shining path to prosperity and wisdom with the IS raxheads guiding towards a new state of peace and wisdom….

    • Gordon Graham

      This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Japanese constitution. Take your soapbox and move on to the appropriate article

  • Yamashita_Kei

    “The speaker addresses the Japanese people, saying “You now have 72 hours to pressure your government in making a wise decision by paying $200 million to save the lives of your citizens.””

    Meanwhile, the Japanese people were watching the soccer game between Japan and Jordan.

  • Eagle

    Pay the ransom and they want more, don’t pay and you get a revenge possibly in Tokyo.
    Or not, is it a different story about something elset, another false flag?

    “We will not give in to terrorism, and will continue contributing to the international community to fight against terrorism,” Suga said.

    It’s too late to say that after Abe obediently rushed to Israel when he was summoned by Netanyahu.

    • Gordon Graham

      The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  • Haitham Al Zughaibi

    Islam presents the real peace for the whole of mankind. We do not claim that Islam is the only religion which presents peace nor do we claim a monopoly on the truth. We do recognise that all the true religions were taught and sent by God Almighty, they brought the message of peace as they all originated from the same Fountainhead which is a source of peace of all times. But Islam is very distinguished because the very name of Islam literally means peace. It presents the message of peace with full clarity and profound wisdom. Islam means submission to the will and command of God and through following its teachings, people can enjoy the peace of all times.

    Unfortunately, Islam nowadays is being equated with the religion of terror, a religion of blood-shed, and some people, a large number of them, actually consider it a religion which promotes hatred between people and people and between nations and nations. The fact is that Islam is the greatest proponent of peace and the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) was the greatest champion of peace for all times, promoting the cause of peace for the whole of mankind.

    • KenjiAd

      I believe you, but I’m afraid your message will be ignored by a large number of people who are convinced of their misguided notion that Islam is a religion of violence, the notion that gets fed to them by so-called “free” western media everyday.

      No matter how strongly Islamic leaders and Imams condemn the acts of fringe groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, these messages will be undermined by many western media if reported at all.

      When was the last time that we in the west (Japan included) saw the raw images of carnage committed by us, e.g., the body parts scattered all over the place as the result of aerial bombing, many of which used to belong to children?

      No, we haven’t. Instead, we only see the video image of so-called “smart” bombs that are supposed to not hurt civilians. Instead, we see only the image of carnage carried out by them.

      For what? Really, The humanity will end if we continue to focus only on what they are doing to us, totally ignoring what we are doing to them.

      • Gordon Graham

        Actually, we do get footage of civilians killed by American bombs, in Japan (not only on NHK but on the Al Jezeera feed we get twice daily on NHK Satellite). That America commits atrocities doesn’t get Islamic extremist off the hook for brutal killings in other parts of the world like Indonesia where America has no military presence or influence.

      • KenjiAd

        That America commits atrocities doesn’t get Islamic extremist off the
        hook for brutal killings in other parts of the world like Indonesia
        where America has no military presence or influence.

        OK, I concede that I don’t really know what people in Japan get from the news coverage. I stand corrected. Still, I do doubt that most people in Japan watch Al Jezeera feed though.

        Anyway, I still get frustrated by what I see as hypocrisy in the western media (not just in Fox). For every coverage of the brutality committed by, say, ISIS, we rarely, if ever, see the coverage of what the bombing by the west is doing in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. The information we are being fed is totally one-sided in my opinion.

      • Gordon Graham

        Well, you see that journalist whose about to get decapitated by Islamic extremists, he’s there to show us that the people in that part of the world are just like us only under horrific conditions

      • nnnkautsar

        Totally agree.

    • Gordon Graham

      You might want to review your history…

    • Mitch

      I believe you and sympathize with your message, brother.
      However, the radicals who worship death, and distort the message of the prophet for their own gain, continue to recruit more young men to die for them in the name of god and the prophet.

      How can the ummah come together to promote peace and prevent this message of peace from being distorted and promoted as suicide bombings that kill women and children?

    • Guest

      If the magical sky man is almighty, then why doesn’t he stop these people who are supposedly sullying his name? oh yeah, I forgot,

    • TheSandGal

      “Islam presents the real peace for the whole of mankind.”

      What do women who do not want to be the slaves of men, forced to dress in black cloaks, say to that?

      What do gays, who do not want to be killed, say about that?

      What do people who change their beliefs, away from Islam, say about that?

      Sorry, Islam is the further thing from peace. Look at any Islamic country. Are there any peaceful ones? Are there any successful ones?

      • Mr. Sal

        to clarify , Islam is a religion. a muslim person is a person, islamic country is a country . so dont judge a religion due to a person’s or a country’s behavior.

  • Paul Johnny Lynn

    I’m actually amazed at how quickly this happened. Not 2 days ago I predicted to a friend that a situation like this would appear, now that Abe has declared his support for the fight against I.S. Now I’m not silly enough to say there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism, and it’s possible that this is indeed all above board. But, it also does seem to dovetail a little too neatly to me. And “saving the hostages lives must be a top priority”…how? Pay the ransom? Japanese troops intervene? They (the Japanese government) say the first won’t happen, I say the second is impossible, so just how are they going to be saved?

  • Rebane

    Japan’s government has only two alternatives. Either it pays the ransom and have the hostages freed, or refuses to pay and allow the terrorists to kill the hostages. Let us see which Mr Abe is going to choose.

    • Gordon Graham

      If it has two alternatives it has 3 choices

    • Miki

      I think he will pay. Abe will protect his political stand. These two Japanese will come home safe like the Turkish hostages before.

  • KetsuroOu

    The sheer stupidity in many of these comments is very impressive.

  • Stefan Ilg

    man this is an add campaign for knock out software and adobe photoshop. even a beginner might see what they have done to the picture. another dull is story from the invented world of the is fighters. i fell ashame what kind of total b***s***;

    • Lunan

      this is made on planet with two suns… one on left and one on right.. as the shadows show ..

  • myUserName

    The Islamic state made a non-realistic deal for the release of the hostages. And, I guess those two have no hope on this ransom option, moreover they are non-believers and that too polytheists ( if they are either shinto, or buddhists ), a sub-human kind according to Muslim literature.

  • David Joiny

    How tragic that these crimes are being perpetrated in the peaceful deeply spiritual religion of Islam

    Do not forget that far greater, more murderous ‘crusades’have taken place in the name of Christianity…Do not forget.

    • myUserName

      How is your comment related to this article ?

    • Gordon Graham

      Do not forget that these crimes are being perpetrated in the peaceful, deeply spiritual religion of Islam

  • Lunan

    any reason why you keep deleting my comments?

    this is made on planet with two suns..seen from the shadows .. while you now fuel the hate between Islam and the rest of the world…

    • Gordon Graham

      The point you’re making has already been pointed out on the news on every station in Japan

  • VancouverCanucks

    I feel sorry for the journalist. I hope he gets out. The other guy is interesting, Private Military Corporation! There are inherit risks in that kind of business which I hope he knew about before entering that godforsaken place. All this could have been avoided if we “Western civilization” kept our nose out Syria and let Assad rules it with an iron fist. Hell! it was very foreign friendly during his time.

  • Guest

    carefull of what are you saying,
    I am a Muslim, and ISIS does not represent me
    everyone knows ISIS aren’t real muslims they are just a group of terrorist, you are just spreading hate again muslims

  • Milton D Beattie

    The right and only response is to up the ante.

    They threaten Japan for providing HUMANITARIAN AID as the people effected by them are in need and IS can not provide for them.

    They take hostages who are only there doing good, not Fighters of any sort nor spies.

    They threaten to Kill them if they don’t get 200 Million….the crime DOING GOOD!

    The only response Mr Abe is to demand their release or their MANIFEST EVIL will be responded to with doubled down aid not in humanitarian aid but in Weapons and Resources to those that fight ISIS.

    They must Lose when they rely upon the Good of others and innocents to further Evil…and their evil (which they imagine is for good), of stealing Killing and destroying and it’s agenda must be hurt as the result of their evil demand.
    To pay them will empower them more and endanger more people as hostages for Money.
    They will use the money to kill more and steal more.

    They MUST have the fact that when they do this, it disadvantages them.

    I would suggest Abe short of IS disbanding should say.
    “For the threat; we will increase humanitarian Aid by 200 Million, and if you don’t release them we will offer 1 Billion in aid to the military forces and powers opposing you.
    YOU WILL NEVER profit from threatening us with innocents lives, as only the most Evil of humans would do and you will CERTAINLY be disadvantaged if you Do the Evil you propose”.

    That is the only type of response that is Righteous and likely to be effective.
    They need to not want to go ahead with the murder and see they lose if they do.

    These guys only real chance without empowering these monsters is this path.

    It is the Strong path,
    The Effective path
    and the Righteous path.

  • Gordon Graham

    Have you heard of Laskar Jihad? They’re a muslim militant sect in Indonesia that have killed thousands on islands which were peaceful before Jihadists came to force their will on a largely Christian population (How many bombs has the peaceful island of Bali dropped in the Middle East?). I’m not defending Christians or Americans, I’m merely pointing to examples where militant Islam isn’t acting violently as a response to America’s impinging on “their lands”. Boko Harum is running amok in Africa, slaughtering innocent children for the crime of attending school. How many Pakistani children where murdered by the Taliban last month…and for what? nothing to do with drones…for GOING TO SCHOOL!

  • Douglas

    If Islam is a religion of peace, why aren’t the extremists extremely peaceful?

    • Lightbulb

      Maybe because extremism have two sides the good & positive side and the bad and negative side. the extremists you’re referring to happen to be on the negative side of extremism. Maybe the question should be ” why do you always here about the bad extremists only and not the one’s that are extremely peaceful ?

      • Gordon Graham

        Because flying planes into buildings, blowing up train stations, murdering children for going to school and slaughtering people for drawing cartoons is what makes the news

      • Lightbulb

        It’s what makes the news (That you watch)

      • Gordon Graham

        Sure, because flying planes into skyscrapers and killing 3000 people is selective news.

      • Lightbulb

        No… it’s talking only about planes flying into buildings that’s selective.

      • Gordon Graham

        May I suggest NHK or the Al Jezeera feed that is broadcast thrice daily on NHK BS. Also in Canada where Im from the CBC covers America’s so called collateral damage extensively as well as Palestinian mothers crying over dead children, so I don’t really know what you’re on about…Fox news perhaps? This is the age of information. Nobody is fooling anybody

      • Lightbulb

        Anyways bro, You can watch what you want and believe what you want and judge who you want…
        Judging a person does not define who they are it defines who YOU are. I wish you the best bro. PEACE :)

  • Lightbulb

    First of all, I hope these men return home safely and those criminals get the punishment they deserve !
    I don’t blame people for criticizing Islam, because they don’t know Islam. I don’t know much about Christianity or Judaism or Shinto ect ect…But I know that even though Hitler was a Christian and believed in God he committed terrible crimes I also know that some Japanese people (which I assume follow Shinto or bhudism or maybe they were atheist) during world war committed many atrocities even worse that what this ISIS terrorist group is doing I also know that Israel killed many innocents children and women in Gaza even though it claims to be a Jewish state. Now if I apply some simple LOGIC, when I look at what the message of religions are (Love, peace, helping the poor , being humble and respectful…ect ect) I can easily say that these crimes were against what all the religions teach…
    Now, was Hitler or those Japanese or Israeli soldiers or ISIS following what their religion thought them ? I don’t think so…even the atheists were doing the same terrible things ! but If Hitler was to say that he did what he did in the name of Christianity, would it make him a Christian ? I don’t think so either !
    Now it’s easy to hate on Arabs and Muslims in some countries more than others I believe, like people who live in America or Japan, all they see on the news is terrorism by so called Muslims who live in France for example they are so used to see crimes committed by Arabs and Africans who immigrated there…is it because they are Muslim ? I don’t think so ( Islam teachings forbid ) so is this a religious war ??…well I’m not sure about that. But I know one thing is that I know nothing ! Therefore I cannot know anything with absolute certainty but I do feel confident about certain things. that being said. I feel confident that I am muslim and that my religion is against all king of crimes and atrocities similarly most of other religions are too. and even though I am hated and disrespected by some people around the world who are confident about certain things ( That this is a religious war, all Muslims are evil and Islam should be condemned ) My Islam still teach me to respect them and treat them with humility patience and forgiveness. Now will I do that ? I will certainly try, maybe I will fail to stay polite with some of them. but if I fail, would I have followed what my religion teaches me ? I don’t think so…
    Or maybe the ones who seem to know with absolute certainty what their talking about, and support a hate speech against religion or ethnicity or anything else should tell me where they get their principles from, I might be interested in converting to whatever religion or LOGIC they follow if they do follow something :)

    • Gordon Graham

      Let’s examine the tenets behind Hitler’s ideology as well as those behind the motivation of radical Islam if we’re going to make comparisons.

      • Lightbulb

        I am not comparing ideologies. I am comparing facts. In all those cases innocent people were killed. It doesn’t matter for what reason you are committing a crime. Like the war of Jenkins ear or the football war in Latin America… do you think it really matters for what stupid reason they did what they did ! Or should we ban football because it starts wars ? Maybe if it made the news all the time then all the ignorant people will start hating on football and would want to ban it, (but then again, there is a lot of interests/money involved to ban football so it won’t happen lol) Football is a beautiful game in my opinion that intends to unite people. It is what some people do with football that’s to be judged in this case. Not the motives or the reason, it’s the acts that need to be judged and condemned.
        oh and btw, there is no such thing as radical Islam, there is only Islam. and those terrorists are not muslim even though they think and claim they’re muslims.

  • nnnkautsar

    See here , the some comments below. The different between Japanese and Western. That’s why Japanese get praises and compliments from muslim countries for their broadminded clever , far from racist and hatred, away from mocking and bad calling and misconception of free speech. They are logic people.

  • nnnkautsar

    See here , some comments below. The different between Japanese and Western ( not include some elegant broad minded western ). That’s why Japanese get praises and compliments from muslim countries for their broadminded clever , far from racist and hatred, away from mocking and bad calling and misconception of free speech. They are logic people.

  • Gordon Graham

    When people who are about to die for their beliefs claim that they committed mass murder because a newspaper printed a cartoon, I take them for their word. That America’s presence in the Middle East exacerbates the problem I have no doubt. That the American military commits atrocities I have no doubt. I’m totally against their intervention in Iraq. That said, let’s not pretend that America is the root of radical militant Islam. It has existed since Muhammad cut a swath of death through the Middle East in the 7th Century.

  • Walter

    ISIS do not share your views, you think they give a dam about you when
    they killing there own. For the sake of pride and for the Emperor lets
    gather up all your old Veterans that still hold true to honor and show
    that armpit country it’s not worth pissing off Japan. (From Florida, USA)

  • Mr. Sal

    Please to all people, Dont judge any religion due to the actions from people,
    its totally different , no one can perform the religion. coz we are human beings.