Egypt is offered ¥43 billion loans during Abe visit


During talks with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Cairo on Saturday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offered around ¥43 billion in loans to Egypt for airport and power grid projects.

Egypt was Abe’s first destination of his nearly weeklong Middle East tour.

Abe and agreed to enhance security dialogue by holding regular meetings between their diplomatic and defense authorities, and promote investment between the two countries, according to their joint statement issued after the talks.

Abe said Egypt’s prosperity will play an important part in making the Middle East “a vibrant and stabilized” region, according to a Japanese official.

El-Sissi was quoted as saying that economic development and stability are the wishes of the Egyptian people.

Abe asked el-Sissi to visit Japan by the end of the year, and Tokyo and Cairo will work to realize such a visit as el-Sissi accepted the offer, according to the official.

Prior to the talks, Abe said in his speech in Cairo that stability in the Middle East is “the foundation” of global peace and stability. Japan relies heavily on the region for oil.

The yen loans that were announced by Abe will be earmarked for several projects, including extension work at Borg El Arab Airport, located near Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city.

Abe also offered financial support for Egypt in strengthening its border controls as part of anti-Islamic State measures, according to the Japanese official.

The two leaders also affirmed coordination over the ongoing construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is expected to be a major tourist draw when completed. Tokyo has extended loans to Egypt for the project.

On Friday, Abe held talks with Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab to deepen bilateral ties. Mahlab expressed willingness to resume direct flights to Japan operated by EgyptAir, and Abe welcomed it.

Abe was scheduled to meet for talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Amman on Sunday, part of Abe’s plans to reaffirm his collaboration with global leaders on efforts to cope with Islamic State group militants.

Building on their summit held last May, Abe is expected to discuss with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deepening bilateral ties in a “comprehensive” manner during his two-day stay in Israel on Sunday and Monday, officials said.

After Israel Abe is scheduled to travel to the Palestinian territories for the last leg of his tour and sit down for talks with President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday.

  • Roberto Carlos

    el-Sissi get it in the ass.

  • Hanamanganda

    I think Japan is foolish, or maybe just naive, to get itself involved in the craziness that comes with this region. The less one has to do with the middle east, the better.

  • شريف حسن

    Prime Minister Shinzo shame on you meeting with the Egyptian coup general Abdel Fatah Elsisi ,
    who make a military coup against the legitimate president Dr Mursi and
    killed over 5000 and imprisoned over 40,000 from the anti coup protester

    if u cant understand that regimes like Elsisi is the ones which
    manufacture terrorism in prisons & streets of Egypt during torture
    and bloodshed then may be U don’t deserve the great country o Japan PM

    • Minymina

      Do us a favor and blow yourself up. No one wants to hear your $h!t.

  • Ahmed

    i have always admired the people of japan …respected them and loved them …when we were children in my small remote village we had an ambulance with the japan flag on it and under the flag was the following words written in Arabic and English ‘from the people of japan’ we all Egyptians have been ruled for decades by horrible militant dictatorships …by the time we had an uprising against the dictatorship on 25th of Jan 2011 and we elected our peoples councelles and senators councells and finally we had an elected president Mohamed Morsi….but this didnot agree with the benefits of the corrupted militay leaders and businessmen mafia thats why they are putting him in jail against his free will and they made a coup deta against him after one year of h call all japanes people conscience not to help the coup government in egypt and not to help the mass killing war criminal murderer” Al Sisi ”

  • Wael Mohamed

    A Message from the legitimate Egyptian Parliament and the Egyptian people to All Arab and international investors: We will not recognize any agreement or treaty signed by Al-Sisi and his government, and if you want to recover such investments, you should get it back from Al-Sisi, his gang, and his government, since they do not represent the will of the Egyptian people

    The Egyptian people and the parliament will neither recognize nor implement such treaties, but will rather freeze them until the coup falls down, where we reclaim the country and abolish all such agreements and contracts.

    the signatories: the great Egyptian people and its legitimate elected parliament

  • Ahmed Fathy

    Egyptian people does not committed any agreements or commitments held with the government of the coup leader Sisi

  • Ayman

    Shame on the commentators that think a group of traitors residing outside the country represent the will of the Egyptian people. Terrorists and their supporters, that unfortunately run rampant, will be stopped sooner or later.