Bright night-sky object creates a buzz in western Japan


Observatories and other bodies received a number of reports of a fireball-like object in the skies over western Japan on Monday night, with experts saying it was likely a bolide — a very bright shooting star.

Hoshi no Bunkakan in Fukuoka Prefecture, one of the biggest observatories in Kyushu, recorded at least one report from a female eyewitness, while other observatories in Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures received similar reports.

The sightings also created a buzz on the Internet.

Hidehiko Agata, an associate professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, said after watching video footage that it was “highly likely” to have been a bolide.

“Since it was early evening and fine weather, favorable conditions were there for many to witness it,” he said.

  • ozonator

    Thank you for the report. 99% of “fireball” sightings appear to come from the US.

    • James

      That’s because aliens prefer to visit the US since it is the technologically most advanced country on Earth and the aliens are afraid that they may be surpassed by the US.

  • I wonder how do they look in person