Journalist threatened to stop writing

In U-turn, Asahi agrees to print journalist’s ‘comfort women’ commentary


The Asahi Shimbun newspaper said Wednesday that it will publish a column by journalist Akira Ikegami about the major daily’s recent extensive review of its past “comfort women” reports — reversing its earlier rejection of the article.

The column in question was printed in the newspaper’s morning edition on Thursday.

Ikegami, a sought-after freelance journalist on television and print media, has been writing the monthly column for the paper for years, assessing its reporting — as well as that of other newspapers — on a range of topics.

In a review published in August, Asahi retracted some of its articles from the 1980s and 1990s, acknowledging as false a man’s statements that women on the South Korean island of Jeju were forcibly and violently taken to serve at brothels for the Imperial Japanese Army during the war. The man, Seiji Yoshida, has since died.

In response to Asahi’s earlier rejection of Ikegami’s column on the sex slave review, the journalist said Wednesday that he had asked the newspaper to terminate his serialized commentaries.

But Asahi’s public relations office said in a statement later that day that the firm had decided to run the column after consulting with Ikegami.

Asahi also rejected running advertisements by two major weekly magazines last week, the magazine publishers — Bungeishunju Ltd. and Shinchosha Publishing Co. — said. But the paper ran a censored version of the ads on Thursday. Both weeklies carried articles criticizing Asahi’s reporting of comfort women issues.

Doubts over the credibility of Yoshida’s statements have been raised by several experts since around 1992.

In a 1993 statement issued by then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono, the government admitted that the Japanese military had been complicit in the establishment and management of “comfort stations” before and during World War II, and that its study had shown that many women were recruited against their own will.

But the government has not yet acknowledged the existence of evidence suggesting that women were forcibly and violently taken away like Yoshida said in his testimony.

  • 151E

    “…the government has not yet acknowledged the existence of evidence suggesting that women were forcibly and violently taken away.” Took them awhile too to acknowledge the activities of Unit 731, the cause of Minamata disease, and the veracity of the Okinawa reversion payments.

  • wada

    I want you to clarify truth of being that the present was sent to the employee of Asahi Shimbun of South Korea from the South Korean President next.

    The comfort-women verification report of subject is here these days.

    *1: Details of Exchanges Between Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Regarding the Comfort Women Issue
    *2: 慰安婦問題を巡る日韓間のやりとりの経緯~河野談話作成からアジア女性基金まで~(日本語)
    *3: 朝日「慰安婦」報道特集
    *4: 検証朝日「慰安婦」報道 (1) 虚構の「強制連行」拡散
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    *7: 検証朝日「慰安婦」報道 (4) 韓国メディアと「共鳴」
    *8: SPECIAL REVIEW of The Asahi Shimbun’s “Comfort Women” Reporting / The paper slow to correct its errors
    *9: Unraveling the ‘comfort women’ issue — Asahi under probe — / Suspicions over Yoshida statements ignored
    *10: Unraveling the ‘comfort women’ issue — Asahi under probe — / ‘Forcibly taken away’ reports spread widely
    *11: Unraveling the ‘comfort women’ issue — Asahi under probe — / Inconsistencies in articles, testimony
    *12:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(上)1】朝日新聞 22年前から女子挺身隊と慰安婦の混同に気付く ソウル発記事で疑義
    *13:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(上)2】社内からの指摘を放置
    *14:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(上)3】信じたくない「吉田の嘘」
    *15:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(中)1】「歴史教育議連」を狙い撃ち 「常識発言」撤回に追い込む
    *16:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(中)2】慰安婦強制への疑問も批判対象
    *17:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(下)1】慰安婦問題「オールコリア態勢」 クマラスワミ氏取材を韓国外務省サポート
    *18:【歴史戦 第5部 「朝日検証」の波紋(下)2】韓国紙が「朝日助ける方法あるはず」とまで擁護するのはなぜか
    *19:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国】サンフランシスコ市に新たな慰安婦像計画 中国系が準備委設置
    *20:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(1)前半】サンフランシスコに反日拠点の衝撃、中華街舞台に記念館9月オープン
    *21:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(1)後半】朝日訂正も無視、首都で「強制連行」宣伝 中韓連携で同時多発的設置の恐れ
    *22:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(2)】朝日報道後に米国でも火が付いた慰安婦問題
    *23:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(3)前半】被告は「河野洋平」 司法にも持ち込まれた強制連行 談話を巧妙利用
    *24:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(3)後半】慰安婦訴訟、米司法・行政は「決着済み」 次の標的は議会
    *25:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(4)上】米下院での慰安婦決議、先兵ホンダ氏支えた反日団体
    *26:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(4)下】「20世紀最大の人身売買」と断罪した米下院慰安婦決議、世紀の冤罪に
    *27:【歴史戦 第6部 「主戦場」米国(5)】 中国が正面に 狙いは「日米離反」 終わらない「慰安婦」糾弾
    *28: How Asahi Shimbun assessed its coverage of ‘comfort women’ issue
    *29: Editorial: Asahi Shimbun should explain coverage of ‘comfort women’ issue
    *30: 朝日の慰安婦検証記事への疑問 日本文化大学学長・大森義夫

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