Driver seriously injures woman during San Diego Zombie Walk


A driver struck and seriously injured a woman while fleeing from angry members of the annual Zombie Walk held during Comic-Con, police said.

The 48-year-old driver and his family, who are all deaf, had waited for several minutes at a downtown intersection Saturday as a large crowd taking part in the walk, including some in zombie makeup, went by at around 5:30 p.m., Officer David Stafford said.

However, when small children in the car became frightened of the crowd, the driver rolled slowly forward to get through, Stafford said.

Some crowd members became angry, surrounded the car, pounded on it, climbed on it and smashed the windshield, he said.

The driver then sped up to flee and sideswiped a 64-year-old woman, who fell under the car.

“Her arm was badly scraped. It’s going to need surgery,” Stafford said.

Some witnesses chased the car for several blocks until the driver spotted a police officer and stopped.

The driver was not arrested but the investigation continued, Stafford said.

A witness, Sean Foley, said that in his opinion the driver was at fault.

After waiting about 10 minutes, the motorist started honking his horn and inching forward into a crowd that included children and babies in strollers, Foley said in an email to U-T San Diego, a local daily newspaper.

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    The victim was already dead. She’s a zombie. So no harm no foul.
    What is really criminal, maybe, is people stupid enough to go on zombie walks in the first place. What they are, really, are satanic, devil worshipping witches and warlocks. Run then all down!

  • disqus_78r6IPfptX

    Well, the victim is a zombie, isn’t she? She’s already dead so no hurt no foul.
    These idiot people pretending to be zombies are, actually, satanic, devil-worshipping witches and warlocks. They should all be run down without mercy. Or not.