Outgoing JET teachers get pat on back from minister


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on Friday thanked this year’s outgoing participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program and designated the 1,450 young adults as “honorary ambassadors,” asking them to continue fostering good relations between Japan and their home countries after leaving the program.

Minister Yoshitaka Shindo met with a delegation of four JET participants who will soon finish their tenure, including three-year Yamanashi Prefecture employee Aimee Wenyue Chen of California, and hand-delivered a letter honoring the program’s newest alumni.

The minister also expressed interest in improving the JET program.

“I would like to see support given to those who are completing the program in finding jobs in Japan and encourage those returning to their home countries to stay actively involved with the community of former JET participants,” Shindo said.

The participants work anywhere from one to five years for municipal governments throughout Japan, mostly as assistant language teachers, with a smaller number acting as coordinators for international relations or as sports exchange advisers.

The program’s participants in 2014 — including both new recruits and those who are extending their contracts — numbered 4,476 and represented 42 different countries.

  • Jamie Bakeridge

    JET is an utter waste of money. Performing monkeys, nothing more.

  • Jamie Bakeridge

    No actually. Did 3 years in Saitama and saw the waste first hand. Makes me wince how much money the Japanese tax payer wastes on JET.

  • Jamie Bakeridge

    Actually I had a great time on JET. Milked it for all it was worth and travelled the world on the proceeds. Still a massive waste of money for the Japanese taxpayer though…!