Toyota Motor Corp. plans to begin commercial production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in mid-December and roll out the next-generation green car by the end of this year, ahead of its earlier target of 2015, sources said Wednesday.

The world's top-selling automaker is considering manufacturing dozens of the vehicles per month at its Motomachi plant in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture.

It's likely to be priced at around ¥8 million, but Toyota is planning to lower it to around ¥3 million to ¥5 million in the 2020s to boost sales and expand annual production capacity.

A fuel-cell vehicle is powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, but the development of hydrogen charging stations has not seen major progress, possibly hindering the sales of such vehicles, according to experts.

Although Toyota officials have said the company has no intention to directly engage in the hydrogen infrastructure business, it is planning to cooperate in the development and management of hydrogen supply systems.