New products

Wind power generator

Thanko Co. has recently launched a new product called the Portable Wind Generator 2.

The Tokyo-based company developed a mini wind turbine that can be attached to bicycles and motorcycles and makes use of the power of the wind to generate electricity.

It can charge devices such as personal computers, USB plugs, and rechargeable batteries through DC input. Additionally, energy generated from the wind is stored in two internal AA rechargeable batteries, which can then be used to recharge cellphones, iPod, tablets, GPS and other devices.

Alternatively, consumers can remove the AA batteries from the device and use them to power other electrical appliances.

A speed of at least 15 kph is required for the device to start charging and a constant speed is recommended for optimum charging. If the speed fluctuates, the device may only be able to generate 80 to 90 percent of capacity.

The device generates 200-250 mA when attached to a vehicle traveling at a speed of 30 kph and 500-700 mA at 50 kph.

For example, traveling 5 km at a constant speed of 21 kph will charge the portable generator by around 10 percent.

In addition to a LED light which can be used as a headlight, the device also comes with an indicator light that turns green when it is being charged.

The Portable Wind Generator 2 is currently available in stores at a price of ¥4,980 and includes a bracket to attach the mini generator to your vehicle.

It weights 124 grams and measures 8 cm by 6.9 cm with a height of 10.3 cm.

The generator is not waterproof and cannot be used with alkaline or lithium batteries.

Caramel sushi

A conveyer-belt sushi restaurant chain, Muten Kura Sushi, has added Caramel Banana Sushi and Caramel Corn Mayo to their menu.

The two products were specially created for the Caramel Festa 2014 organized by Morinaga & Co. Participating companies collaborated with Morinaga to create food that brings out the flavor of Morinaga’s milk and caramel candies.

Despite its unique appearance, the rice, banana and caramel sauce in the Caramel Banana Sushi is a surprisingly delightful combination, blending the natural sweetness found in all three items. Customers are recommended to enjoy it as dessert.

Caramel Corn Mayo is a variation of the traditional corn mayo sushi popular with children. A dash of sweet caramel sauce is added to the original recipe and mixes well with the tangy mayonnaise and crispy corn to create an unforgettable flavor.

Both items are being sold at ¥100 per plate (two pieces) through July 17.

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