Toyota in another big recall

Kyodo, AP

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling about 522,000 units of the Sienna minivan and two other models, mostly in the United States, to address three separate safety issues.

About 450,000 Siennas made from 2004 to 2011 are being recalled because high concentrations of road salt could corrode a cable in the spare tire carrier, causing it to break and the tire to detach. Many were sold in the United States, mostly in areas with colder climates where road salt is frequently used.

The company said Thursday it has seen no reports of accidents or injuries caused by the defects.

The two other models are the 2014 Highlander SUV and 2013 Lexus GS sedan.

The Highlanders have a software glitch that could cause the seatbelts to malfunction in a crash, while the Lexus sedans are being withdrawn because of a switch in the braking system that could cause it to activate while the vehicles are being driven and cause them to slow.

Although splash protectors and anti-rust protection were applied to fix the same minivan issue when the Siennas from 2004 to 2010 were recalled in 2010, Toyota said the splash protector can fall off and rust can still occur. The recall involves 370,000 minivans sold in the U.S., 80,000 in Canada and 400 in Europe.

Regarding the recall of 50,000 Highlander and Highlander hybrid SUVs from the 2014 model year, Toyota said a software glitch can prevent the vehicle from properly calculating the size of the front-seat passenger when determining whether to deploy the air bags. The affected vehicles assume the passenger is smaller, so the bags may not fire or may deploy slower than necessary to protect a larger passenger. Toyota said most of the affected vehicles — 45,287 — were sold in the U.S., around 3,400 in Canada and the rest in Mexico and Europe. None have been sold in Japan.

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