Abe rebuts ‘baseless’ manga story


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday sought to dispel concerns raised by a famous comic book in which radiation exposure from the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant was linked to nosebleeds, saying there are as yet no known reports of residents being injured by radiation exposure.

In a recent edition of the long-running manga “Oishinbo,” the main character suffers a nosebleed after visiting the plant.

“There is no confirmation that someone’s health has been directly affected by radioactive substances,” Abe said after visiting Fukushima Medical University to be briefed about radiation effects.

“There is a need for the state to make all-out efforts to deal with baseless rumors,” Abe said, vowing to provide accurate information to eliminate such concerns.

  • dosdos

    The key word is “confirmation”, and the central government controls the confirmation process. To those in power, it is more expensive in the short run to permit confirmation, so it is never given. But in the long run, its lack will come back to haunt those in power and the people who allow themselves to be deceived.