Olympic judo champ’s five-year rape term finalized


The five-year sentence for two-time Olympic judo champion Masato Uchishiba for raping a woman in 2011 has been finalized by the Supreme Court.

Uchishiba’s prison term was finalized Friday after the top court rejected his objection to its April 23 decision to uphold lower court rulings on his rape conviction.

Uchishiba, 35, was convicted of raping a drunk student at a Tokyo hotel in September 2011 when he was coach of the women’s judo team at Kyushu University of Nursing and Social Welfare.

The 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing 66-kg gold medalist pleaded not guilty, saying the student had consented to the sex. The student said he raped her while she was drunk and asleep.

  • tesmith47

    what was she doing in his bed room drunk??!!??
    another case of females crying rape after they change their mind or someone else finds out about their sex activity.

    • inubiyamarsha

      I knew there would be a troll commenting here and trying to blame the girl.There is nojustification whatsoever, a guy like that could have gone out and get a woman who was willing to sleep with him afterall. Well, justice is served, in the meantime that girl will have to live with the incident for the rest of her life.