ISS skipper plays ‘sho’ in space


A group of students played ancient Japanese court music with the captain of the International Space Station early Saturday morning as part of a NASA school education program.

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, 50, played a reed instrument known as the “sho” with around 10 Earth-bound students from Tenri University, who gave the instrument to him for the joint “gagaku” performance.

A hall at the university in Tenri, Nara Prefecture, was linked to the ISS via NASA for the concert. The students tuned their instruments with Wakata before playing the well-known gagaku melody “Etenraku.”

  • johnstclair

    While NASA is growing veggies in space, China’s PLA is posting photos taken by the Jade Rabbit Moon rover of the glass domes on the Moon from the Tiamat collision. China will get the credit for discovering intelligent life in the universe because NASA has been airbrushing our photos since 1969.

  • johnstclair

    The Pleiadian Beamship can teleport across the galaxy, a distance of 100,000 light years, in less time than it takes to walk across the street. Teleporting to Mars would then take a few seconds. The Astronauts would have be pretty fast to plant lettuce seeds in the soil, don’t you think Chief Bolden?