Anne Frank’s work defaced in libraries


Libraries across Tokyo have found hundreds of copies of the “Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank and related books vandalized, library officials said Friday, prompting a U.S. Jewish group to call for a probe.

The damage to at least 265 copies of the book has been reported at 31 libraries since January.

One of the libraries said copies of the diary by the Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during the Holocaust, appeared to have had pages cut while stored on an open shelf.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Los Angeles-based global Jewish rights organization, expressed “shock and deep concern over the vandalization” in its statement, with Associate Dean Abraham Cooper saying, “The geographic scope of these incidents strongly suggest an organized effort to denigrate the memory of the most famous of the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis.

“Only people imbued with bigotry and hatred would seek to destroy Anne’s historic words of courage, hope and love in the face of impending doom,” Cooper added, while noting his awareness that Anne Frank “is studied and revered by millions of Japanese.”

  • David

    This might just be me pulling ideas out of thin air but I would wager this has nothing to do with anti Semites and more to do with nationalist feelings over the Chiran UNESCO application and the Chinese response to its application. just putting it out there.

    • Steve Jackman

      Why is it that some people in Japan insist on denying that Japan has a anti-Semitism problem?

      Since, Japan allied with Nazi Germany during WW2, some Japanese still harbor anti-Semitic feelings. However, what is more disturbing is the anti-Semitic feelings I have seen among young Japanese who were born after WW2. Case in point, why are young Japanese in this YouTube video of a nationalist rally in Shibuya Tokyo openly flying Nazi flags with Swastikas?

      Don’t these Japanese appear too young to have been around during the second world war?

    • Miamiron

      I think this is more about radial Right-wingers, not because of UNESCO.

      Hiroyuki Seto a political voice just recently came out denying the holocaust, saying Japan never engaged in war-time rape, and that Hitler should be celebrated.

      Hiroyuki Seto tried to assemble a group to celebrate what would have been Hitler`s 125th bday this month, so I`m guessing that some of Japan doesnt like Jews that much.

  • Logic_Man_Logic

    Often these are zionist groups or individual zionist fanatics running around trying to create “anti-Semitic” buzz so as to justify their pathology. That this would happen in Japan is nonsensical in the extreme. The only people organized enough who would even care about Anne Frank are zionist propagandist. Most people in Japan probably don’t even know what a Jew is and probably don’t care.

    • Steve Jackman

      “Most people in Japan probably don’t even know what a Jew is and probably don’t care.” First of all, I do not agree with this statement, since I have witnessed plenty of anti-Semitism in Japan.

      Second, even if your statement were true (which it is not), what does it say about Japan, which is a country that boasts the largest circulation newspapers in the world, one of the highest literacy rates, is considered to be a wealthy and well educated society, is the world’s third largest economy, was an ally of Nazi Germany during WW2, and paid a very heavy price by being the only country that has ever had atomic bombs dropped on it?

      A country’s development should not be measured by only its manufacturing output or GDP, but also by the awareness of its population to its recent history and the world around it.

  • rom2

    at steve jackman
    i have been living in japan for quite some time and have never witnessed any kind of anti semtism, as for the backward ultra nationalist here they dont give a damn about the jewish people, as they don t know them.
    Don t be particulary obsessed with this. You should take a look at the Israeli colonies ever spreading widely in the Palestinian territories and confiscating their land illegally, this is more of the concern for all the Jewish in the world who have to support abroad the politic of an extremist government in israel.