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Eight carmakers' domestic output up again


The combined domestic output of the eight major automakers rose 9.9 percent in October from a year earlier for the second straight month of increase, data released by the firms show.

The figures were helped by robust demand in North America and a recovery from the slump sparked by the termination last year of a subsidy program for the purchase of green cars.

The eight companies produced 825,137 vehicles in October, all posting an increase from the year before except Nissan Motor Co., which has been shifting production abroad.

Honda Motor Co. logged a 13.3 percent rise to 90,707 vehicles due to robust demand for the latest Fit hybrid, which hit the market in September.

After seeing the first domestic output rise in 13 months in September, total domestic production is expected to continue increasing ahead of the consumption tax increase next April, according to automakers.

Combined overseas production climbed 17.5 percent to 1.54 million vehicles, with the top three automakers — Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan and Honda — marking record highs for a single month, due partly to brisk sales in North America and China. Suzuki Motor Corp. and Daihatsu Motor Co. also logged record highs for October.

Toyota’s overseas output increased 19.3 percent from a year earlier to 513,086 vehicles due to robust sales in the United States and Canada as well as China, where the firm saw a sales slump last year due to boycotts of Japanese products stemming from escalating tensions over the Senkaku Islands.

In October, Nissan produced 384,220 vehicles overseas, up 23.9 percent, while Honda produced 328,525 units, up 23.4 percent, marking the 21st straight monthly increase.

The eight carmakers saw their combined exports rise 6.7 percent to 381,024 vehicles. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. posted a rise of 23.6 percent due to brisk sales of the Forester sport utility vehicle in North America.

Toyota saw a rise of 6.6 percent to 163,839 vehicles, and Honda marked a jump of 65.7 percent to 11,401 units. Nissan logged a 14.4 percent fall to 49,774 units.

The eight automakers also include Mitsubishi Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp.

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