Firm recalls 6.72 million tuna cans


Hagoromo Foods Corp. said it will recall 6.72 million cans of its mainstay Sea Chicken Mild tuna products series, as some consumers complained of allergy-like symptoms after eating them.

Hagoromo Foods, based in the city of Shizuoka, said Friday it has received reports of consumers experiencing itchiness in the mouth, although none of them suffered serious symptoms.

After examining the products, the company found histamine levels above its self-imposed maximum threshold.

To be recalled are the products of three brands with expiration dates ranging from July 7 to Aug. 27, 2016, according to the firm.

  • Osaka48

    This is not a complete or thorough report from Kyodo. How much time passed from consumer complaints to the decision to conduct a recall? Canned fish is nothing to fool with when symptoms of illness appear.