Fukushima fisheries to resume trial fishing after samples prove safe


Fishing operations off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture were set to resume Wednesday, about a month after leaks of contaminated water at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant forced trial operations to be put on hold.

The Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations said Tuesday that “through tests we know the radioactive levels of the fish are not an issue and that they are safe.”

Out of 100 fish and seafood products tested, 95 were clear of radioactive substances and the remaining five contained less than one-tenth of the government’s limit of 100 becquerels for food products, the fishing co-op said.

Operations were to resume at around 2 a.m., starting with the Soma Futaba fisheries cooperative covering the northern part of the prefecture. According to the cooperative, the catch will be put on sale as early as Thursday, with part of it to be distributed outside of Fukushima.

With Tokyo Electric Power Co. still unable to contain the contaminated water leaking into the ocean, however, it remains to be seen how receptive consumers will be to seafood from Fukushima.

Tetsu Nozaki, chairman of the prefectural federation, told reporters that selling the products will be a step toward gaining acceptance from consumers.

Trial fisheries operations began roughly 15 months after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused the breakdown at Fukushima No. 1.

The trial operations limit the area that can be fished and only allow products confirmed safe to be shipped.

  • Selaretus

    Yeah….I’ll bet is ‘safe’. Some one slipped some body a few skins to fudge the data and OK the report as safe.

  • Hennagaijin

    This article needs to cover more.
    100 fish from the Fukushima prefecture fishery?
    One hundred fish? …Only 100 fish youve gotta be kidding me.
    What is the length of the coastline? How many square Km are the fishing grounds?
    What species of fish were sampled?
    Where they taken from?
    What was the fishing method and which fishery are they referring to?
    How could this in any way be considered an objective sampling?

    This is an obscene joke and irrespective of what the vested interests want us to believe, there is no way I will be “knowingly” purchasing marine products from this area simply based on the information shown in this article.